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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918


page 12


Two boxing contests, five and ten rounds respectively, were decided at the Cinema Stadium, Moascar, on February 20th. Tpr. Arnold (A.L.H.), 8.13, and Gunner Bevan (R.E.), 10.O, were matched in the short contest. The display was rather disappointing, Arnold not boxing up to expectations. At the conclusion of the fourth round, Bevan declined to carry on, consequently Arnold secured the decision. The ten rounds' event was between Prendergast (A.L.H.), 10.9., and Gunner Norton (R.F.A.), 10.9, Norton had the advantage in reach, but Prendergast was watchful. He started by landing a left on his opponents face, when Norton connected with his right. The Australian then began to force, and continued to do so for the remainder of the round. In the second round, Norton opened up by getting in a hard left, and he had the advantage until the bell rang. In the following term, Norton got in some nice rights, but Prendergast evaded strong rushes and was holding the advantage at the close of the round. In the fourth round, Prendergast had the Artilleryman on the defensive; whilst in the fifth both men put in some good work. The remaining rounds increased Prendergast's advantage, and at the end of the ninth the Australian was declared the winner.

There were two contests at the Cinema Stadium on February 3rd. The first, of five rounds, was between Sapper Morgan (A.I.F,) and Pte. Swan (Scottish). Both men were in good condition, and the opening round was fought at a very fast pace. The second round was also a rapid one, Morgan forcing all the time. In the third, Morgan floored Swan, and the towel was thrown in.

Stoker Snowball (H.M.S..........), 8.1., and Tpr. Hughes-("Battling Coster,") A.L.H., 8.6., were opponents in the ten rounds' contest. Snowball, at the end of the term, was declared the winner, Lieut. Houston was referee. A return match has been arranged between these two men for £20 aside. Weights are to be 8st, at ringside.

Four clubs are competing in the Association football matches at Moascar. The positions of the teams at the end of Feb. were:—

Played. Won. Lost. Points.
No. 2. A. S. H. 6 5 I 20
Headquarters 6 4 2 16
Remounts 6 3 3 12
3rdL.H.T.Regt. 6 6

4 points for a win.—2 points for a draw.

The Rugby match between A.A.M.C. and Remounts, played at Moascar on February 23rd., resulted in a victory fro the Remounts; scores, II to nil.

Those interested in swimming or kindred sports are invited to communicate with Sgt. Halliday, or Tpr. A.R. Chapman, Headquaters, Moascar.

Moascar Headquaters Staff Tennis Club recently held a tourney on its court at Ismailia. The handicap were: Gordon and Pike—owe 30 every game. Miller. Turner, McFarlane, Ladiman, Talbot and Watson—owe 15 every game. Young, Barry, Watson, Campbell and Yates—owe 15 alternate games. Littler, Cesari, Cohen, Halliday, South, Bott, Webb, Eggar, Argue—Scratch. Hack, Muncaster and Gray-receive 15 alternate games. Furness, Pybus, Sinclair, Young, Whiteman, Hayman, Cohen— receive 15. Lamerton, Nicholes, Ryan, Brown, Maxwell and Hunter—receive 15 and 30 alternately.

Results.— First Round: Smith 4 v. Brown 9; Miller 9v. Pybus 3; Turner 9 v. Hunter 4; Cesari 9 v. Hayman 3; Halliday 9 v. Ryan 6; Ladiman 9 v. Bo.t 2; Lamerton 9 v. Campbell 8; Gordon 9 v. Young 2; Sinclair 9 v. Muncaster 8; MacFarlane, by forfeit; Barry 9 v. Brown 5; Young, by forfeit; Argue, by forfeit; Watson 9 v. Yates nil; Gray 9 v. Webb 2; South, by forfeit; Furness 9v. Littler 6; Hack, by forfeit; Cohen 9 v. Watson 8; Pike by, by forfeit. Second Round: Ladiman 9v. Halliday 2; Pike 9 v. Hack I; Cesari 9 v. Fumess 5. Third Round: Cesari 9 v. Turner 5; Ladiman 9 v MacFarlane 8; Cohen 9 v. Sinclair 4; Miller 9 v Lamerton 4; Smith 9 v. Gray 3; Watson 9 v. Barry 3; Gordon 9 v. Argue 0. Fourth Round; Watson 9 v. South 1; Miller 9 v. Turner 4; Gordon 9 v. Cohen 3; Pike 9 v. Ladiman 7. Semifinal: Watson 9 v. Gordon 5; Pike 9 v. Miller 5, Final: Pike 9 v. Watson 3.

A Club Turney has just been concluded by the No. 2 A.S.H. There were 26 competitors. After some strenuous games, Sgt. "Bill" Hilton and Spr. W. Smith were the winners. Major F. G. Griffiths provided the trophy (a pair of racquets).

The Hospital Club has taken part in six matches this season, and won five. In the first match against Headquarters the latter won, but in the return match No. 2 had a decided victory, the scores being 8 sets to I. Those wishing to get into touch with this Club should communicate with Cpl. C. C. Mitchell.

A cricket match between Scottish and L. H. T. R. teams was played at Moascar on February 24, resulting in an easy win for the latter. Scores were: L. H. T. R., 178 runs; Scottish, 26 runs. Best scores for the winners were: Logue 41, Shaw 16, Tibbles 52 (retired), Wyetl 13, Dobson 17, Milne 15 (retired). Capt. Richie made top score, 7, for the Scotch team.

A. and N.Z. T.U. and Dep. H.Q. will have a team in the field this season, and it is expected that most of the training units will also form clubs.

At a meeting of the A.I.F. Headquarters Club (Cairo), the following office bearers were elected:—

President, Lt. Col. D. Fulton; Vice Presidents, Lt. Col. A. L. Dawson, Major J. H. Hammond, Major G. Douglas, Capt. C. T. Jarman, Capt. W. C. Stillman, Capt. J. J. Trickett, Lieuts. R. H. Mohr, C. M. Graham, J. R. Duncan, J. A. Gunn and W. A. Robertson; Committee, Capt. C. T. Jarman, W. O. Schucard, Sgt. H. G. Craig, and Cpl. A. Milne; Hon.. Secretary, Sgt. H. G. Craig; Hon. Treasurer, Cpl. J. L. Gardiner. The Secretary will be glad to hear from any local teams that wish to arrange matches for the coming season.

A clean knock- out in the second round was the entree served to the Cinema patrons on February 28th. Dvr. Buck, R.F.A. (10.9) was behind the punch that put Vet. Corps Mitchell (9.12) out of action, while the man 'with the clock called the count. It was a small serving but quite tasty.

The piece de resistance was 10 rounds in which Bombardier George (10.9) and Tpr. French (11.4), A.A.M.C, were the would-be gladiators. Neither man justified his claims during the first three rounds, but in the succeeding three both apparently got wise to the object of their presence in the ring, and some passable rallies were indulged in, the men hitting with effect. In the remaining rounds French tired and was unable to maintain the pace and so the decision went to George. Cpl. Barkey acted as referee.

Tpr. Parkes, A.L.H., (9 II), and Sgt. Smith Toplis, R.F.A, (9.10), decided to biff each other for five rounds on the calm moonlit night of March 2nd. Parkes had the best of the argument right from the first stroke of the gong, notwithstanding Toplis' long reach, straight lefts, and vim which he stuck into his work in the first two rounds. In the third spasm Parkes punished his man severely, and after the usual corner and towel wagging business, the chap without stripes floored Toplis repeatedly, and

the audience's advice to throw in the towel was acted upon by his seconds. Referee Barkey acted as referee.

According to "the man around the camp", ringcraft and many years experience in the noble art of stoush should have made Gunner Perkins, R.F.A., (10.10), an easy victor in the ten rounds stunt against Tpr. Brain, A.L.H., (1l.5). But the man around camp was talking through his hat for Brain is no novice in the game of biff, and his vigorous hitting constantly drove Perkins to the boards, while his nonchalant style hypnotized the Gunner in no uncertain manner. The referee stopped the burlesque in the third scene of the third act.