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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Meadi Today

Meadi Today.

Residence Of Lt.-Col. R. B. D. Blakeney, R.E., D.S.O., At Meadi.(Formerly the Australian Hospital.)

Residence Of Lt.-Col. R. B. D. Blakeney, R.E., D.S.O., At Meadi.
(Formerly the Australian Hospital.)

The photograph reproduced above will doubtless awaken many recollections in the minds of those men of the A. I. F. who were so fortunate as to be camped in the little town of Meadi.

Entirely apart from the fact that this particular house was the temporary hospital, the photo is interesting as showing a typical villa in this pretty little "garden city."

A good many of us who come from the other side of the equator have a soft spot in our hearts for Meadi. The Kia-Ora Coo-ee advertising man, who has persuaded himself and tries to persuade others that he has a big business bump on his canny cranium, took advantage of this and called on the land company responsible for the creation of Meadi. With the ulterior motive of selling advertising space, he let loose on to the manager a lot of talk about the matter, praising Meadi, and praising the Kia-ora Coo-ee. The advertisement opposite page l6 is the result.

Meadi to-day, however, is not at all the same as when the Australian camp was in full swing. It is rather quieter these days, and the trees are even more shady. There are plenty of trees at Meadi. and trees grow fast in Egypt. The advertising man, whose imagination needs filing off at the corners, even goes so far as to say that you have to take a snap-shot to photograph the place, the vegetation growing so fast that a time exposure is impossible. Still, muzzling the advertising man so as to get a word in edgewise,

let if he said that he found the right phrase when he called Meadi— "The Town of Garden Homes."