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The Kia ora coo-ee : the magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East, 1918

Moascar News

page 10

Moascar News.

There is hardly a soldier in Egypt who does not know of Moascar. It is therefore unnecessary to apologise to our comrades in other parts for utilising a portion of the space in this magazine. Apart from the object of our presence here, and the importance of the camp to the powers that be, Moascar occupies an unique position regarding sport—and sport to a soldier means much.

Through the foresight of our officers every form of suitable recreation is catered for. To the Camp cinema lays the credit of providing and assisting in much of our amusement, and again, it finds the nucleus of various prize funds, and incidentally provides material for many games that are played in the camp. A gymnasium for those who participate in the noble art is established. Excellent picture programmes are "billed."

The Cinema is now recognised to be the official Stadium in this part of the world, and the vast audiences that congregate on the night of a boxing contest would make any Stadium manager envious.

During February general sports were held, members of Anzac and Imperial units competing. Three days preliminary sports were held with the object of securing the best competitors for the finals held on February 9th. A pleasing feature of the meeting was the way in which our boys won most of the events on the programme, notwithstanding the fact that their opponents were all worthy exponents of the particular events for which they had entered.

Amongst the mounted events was a Hunting Contest, which created especial interest. Tpr. Jones was the successful competitor. Sgt. G. Wilson easily secured the Tent Pegging prize, and Sgt. Lockhart's team won the wrestling on horseback without having a man "de-horsed." The Cigarette and Bending races were won by Tprs. R.E. Davis and Devon- port respectively. Sgt. J. Dempsey won the 100yds. Championship (II sees), and secured second place in the High Jump. Tpr. Stan bridge (5 ft. 4I/2ins) being the winner. Tnr. Farquahar was the lucky contestant in the Long Jump (I8ft. 3 ins.).

The most popular event of the meeting appeared to he the Tug of War. After much excitement, the New Zealand team was victorious over the Scottish. Tpr. Larkin secured first prize for the Sack Race, and the winner of the Half Mile was Tpr. Cantwell. The Relay Race was a well contested event, Q.M.S. Collin's team defeating that skippered by Sgt. Dempsey. Tpr. Bonehain was the successful competitor in the Bombing Contest. At the conclusion of the sports, the Remount Unit gave an exhibition of rough riding and handling of mules and horses, after which Major General Fane, who had honoured the meeting with his patronage, distributed the prizes.

"That's Torn it" is a peculiar title for a performance in aid of a newspaper. However, titles and clothes are at times misleading, so was the "Ragged Revue, in Three Splits" as interpreted by the entertaining and versatile Concert Party of the 2nd. Regiment. The H. M. S. Mudlark, Venn's Ltd., and Ascot Park were fully explained to a large audience in the Camp Cinema on Feb. 22nd. The outstanding features of the performance were the female impersonations and correctness in detail of costumes worn.

The profits of the entertainment are to be divided between the E. E F. Comforts Fund and our Official magazine. Other performances are to be given in all centres for troops. This show needs no boosting.