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Number One; or, The Way of the World

New Zealand Directory. Directory for Auckland and the New Zealand Provinces. From Chapman's Almanac

page cxli

New Zealand Directory. page cxlii page cxlii Directory for Auckland and the New Zealand Provinces. From Chapman's Almanac.

Auckland Provincial Directory.

Registered Law Practitioners Admitted at Auckland.

  • Abraham, Augustus B., 13th Jan., 1851
  • Bartley, Thos. H., 17th May, 1842
  • Curnin, John, 12th April, 1858
  • Izard, Charles B., 18th June, 1860
  • Richmond, C. W., 28th June, 1853
  • Swainson, Wm., 31st January, 181
  • Allen, Charles, 23rd May, 1861
  • Anderton, Ed. J., 9th August, 1858
  • Armitage, James, 24th April, 1851
  • Beveridge, Andrew, 22nd October, 1860
  • Bracey, William, 20th August, 1856
  • Brookfield, F. M. P., 30th Oct., 1854
  • Cox, J. Edmund, 15th November, 1858
  • Creagh, Michael, 22nd November, 1858
  • Davis, Charles, 21st September, 1861
  • Dry, James, 21st March, 1854
  • Fenton, F. D., 13th January, 1857
  • George, T. Shayle, 10th February, 1851
  • Hamilton, Holden, 7th November, 1854
  • Hill, Henry, 26th July, 1858
  • Jackson, Samuel, 21st September, 1855
  • Keetley, G. T., 6th February, 1860
  • Kenyon, E. P., 26th July, 1858
  • King, A. H., 2nd July, 1860
  • Kingdon, Samuel, 15th July, 1857
  • Littlewood, Henry, 31st January, 1842
  • Marston, James V., 10th January, 1845
  • Merriman, F. W., 10th July, 1844
  • Oakes, O. W., 27th July, 1860
  • O'Brien, Laughlin, 6th October, 1851
  • Outhwaite, Thos., 31st January, 1842
  • Russell, Thomas, 4th November, 1851
  • Ritchie, James, 3rd November, 1856
  • Standish, Thomas, 18th April, 1843
  • Taylor, Brooke, 14th February, 1859
  • Tyler, Wm. Henry, 20th March, 1858
  • Whitaker, F., 31st January, 1842
  • Wynn, Robt. W., 9th May, 1859

Auckland Law Society.

  • President—The Hon. Attorney-General
  • Vice-President—Fred. W. Merriman
  • Treasurer—Thomas Shayle George
  • Secretary—Thomas S. Weston
  • List of Members—Andrew Beveridge, William Bracey, F. W. Brookfield, E. J. Cox, Michael Creagh, James Dry, J. V. Marston, Thomas Shayle George, Henry Hill, Samuel Jackson, F. W. Merriman, Thomas Russell, Robert W. Wynn, Fredk. Whitaker
  • The Library is in their room in the New Court House


  • T. M. Philson, M. D.; S. J. Stratford; A. Buchanan; S. H. Ford, J. J. R. Daliston; T. B. Kenderdine; A. Sinclair, M. D.; S. Hodgkinson.; R. Matthews; T. F. McGuaran
  • Homœopathic—C. F. Fischer
  • Dentist—Moffit


Episcopal Church,
  • Bishop and Metropolitan — George Augustus Selwyn
  • St. Paul's, Princes-st., Auckland—Rev. J. F. Lloyd
  • Service—11 a.m. and 6 p.m.page cxliv
  • St. Matthew's, Hobson-st., Auckland, —Rev. David Jones
  • Service—11 a.m and 6 p.m.
  • St. Barnabas', Parnell—Archdeacon, the Venerable G. A. Kissling
  • Service—(in Maori)—11 a.m. and 6½ p.m.
  • Remuera—G. T.B. Kingdon
  • North Shore—Ed. Howard Heywood
  • Onehunga—Arthur Guyon Purchas
  • Otahuhu and Panmure—George H. Johnstone
  • Howick—Vicesimus Lush
  • Native Chapels—J. A. Wilson
  • Melanesian Mission—J. C. Patteson
  • Unattached—Rt. Burrows, J. Kinder
  • Hauraki—Thomas Lanfear
  • Kohanga—Archdeacon, the Venerable Robert Maunsell
  • Otawhao—John Morgan
  • Tukupoto—Benjamin Yates Ashwell
  • Taranaki—Archdeacon, the Venerable Henry Govett
  • Omata—Henry H. Brown
  • Waimate—Archdeacon, the Venerable Henry Williams
  • The Waimate—Richard Davis
  • Inspector of Schools—Jos. Matthews
  • Kororareka—F. Gould
  • Unattached—Christopher P. Davies
  • Tauranga—Archdeacon, the Venerable Alfred N. Brown
  • Maketu—Thomas Chapman
  • Tarawera—S. M. Spencer
  • Taupo—T. S. Grace
  • Waiapu—Bishop, William Williams
  • Ahuriri—Samuel Williams
  • Inspector of Schools—W. L. Williams
  • The Wairoa—James Hamlin
  • The Kawakawa—Roto Waitoa
  • Waiapu—Charles Baker
Presbyterian Church.
  • The first Presbyterian minister who arrived in the colony was the Rev. John McFarlane, who, with a Company of emigrants from Scotland, landed at Wellington in 1838. Since that time ministers from the several branches of the Presbyterian church have arrived in all the Provinces. Presbyteries have been erected in Otago and Auckland, and steps are contemplated for forming Presbyteries in other Provinces, and for placing all the Presbyteries and congregations in the colony under the supervision of one General Synod or Assembly
  • St. Andrew's, Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland, Rev. David Bruce
  • Service—11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • St. James's, Hobson-street
  • Waipu, Rev, Norman McLeod
  • Otahuhu, Tamaki and Howick, Rev. John Macky
  • Papakura, Drury, Wairoa and Waiuku, Rev. Thomas Norrie
  • Mahurangi & Matakana, Rev. Robert McKinney
  • Onehunga, Whau, and Manukau, Rev. George Brown
  • Ahuriri, Napier, Rev. P. Barclay, A.M
  • Taranaki, New Plymouth, Rev. John Thom, a. m.
  • Licentiate of Presbytery, Rev. John Gorrie
Church of Rome.
  • Bishop Pompallier, Auckland
  • St. Patrick's, Chapel-st., Rev. James McDonald, V. G.
  • Service—7½., 9½, and 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • St. Mary's, Freeman's Bay, Rev. W. McDonald
  • Service—7 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Congregational Independents.
  • Chapel, Albert-street, Rev. T. Hamer Service—11 a.m. and 6½ p.m.
  • Chapel, High-st-, Rev. A. Macdonald Service—11 a.m. and 6½ p.m.
  • Chapel, Remuera, J. F. Mandeno
Primitive Methodists.
  • Chapel, Edwards-street, Rev. J. Long Service—11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Chapel, Wellesley St., Rev. J. Thornton Service—11 a.m. and 6½ p.m.
  • Synagogue, Emily Place, Rev. P. S. Solomon
  • Service—Friday evening, sundown. Saturday, 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.; and Monday and Thursday 6½ a.m.
page cxlv
  • St. John's College—Rev. S. Blackburn
  • Grammar School, Epsom Road—Rev. J. Kinder
  • Auckland Academy, Coburg-street—Master, Mr. John Gorrie
  • Presbyterian School, Symonds-street—Master, Mr. A. Whyte
  • Lyceum, Symonds-street—Masters, W. D. and C. Lynsar
  • Day and Boarding School, Wakefield-street—Mrs. Wilcox
  • Wesleyan College, Queen-street—Master, John Fletcher
  • St. Paul's School, Eden Crescent—Teacher, Mr. Diddams for Boys; Miss Rich for Girls; Miss King for Infants
  • St. Matthew's, Hobson-st.—Teachers, Mr. Brabazon for Boys; Miss Reed for Girls
  • St. Barnabas. Parnell—Teacher, Mrs. Palmer
  • Boarding School, Parnell—Teacher, Mr. Brassey
  • Day School, Grey-street — Teacher, Misses Barber and Tregay
  • Day School, Chapel-street—Teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Mundy
  • Day School, Vincent-street—Teacher, Miss McGarvie
  • Teachers.-Mrs. Sinclair, Hobson-st; Misses Price, Chapel-street; Mrs. McLeod, Wyndham-street; Mr. Cockham, Hobson-street; Mr. Singer, Parnell; Mr. Hedgcock; Mr. Johnston; Mr. French; Miss S. Reid; Mr. Hesketh; Mr. White; Mr. Bradshaw; Mr. Maloney; Mr. Mullampy


  • The "Southern Cross"
  • The "New Zealander"
  • The "Cross" is now the organ of the General Government, and the "New Zealander" of the Provincial. The latter is published on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • The "Auckland Register" is published on Monday

Societies, &c.

  • Mechanics' Institute, High-street
  • Young Men's Christian Association, Durham-street
  • Choral Society, Odd-Fellows' Hall, Thursday evenings, at 7 o'clock
  • Chamber of Commerce, Mechanics' Institute, first Monday each Month
  • Land Association, No. 3: Office, Savings' Bank
  • Land Association, No. 4: Office, Corner of Queen and Wyndham-streets
  • Total Abstinence Society, President: Captain Haultain; Secretary—A. Clark
  • Homœopathic Hospital and Dispensary, Princes-street
  • Metropolitan Infirmary & Dispensary, Hobson-street
  • Union Bank of Australia; Head Quarters in New Zealand—Auckland
  • Oriental Bank Corporation
  • Parnell Cricket-Club, Albert Barrack Square—Field Days, Tuesday and Thursday, at 4 p.m.
  • Auckland Cricket Club, Albert Barrack Square—Field Day, Friday, at 4.p.m.
  • Otahuhu Agricultural Society.
  • Auckland Agricultural Society.
  • Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Company: Office, Queen-street. John Buchanan, agent.
  • Northern Assurance Company: Office, Queen-street, T. S. Forsaith, agent.
  • Australian Mutual Provident Society: Office, Queen-street. J. A. Gilfillan, agent.
  • Lloyd's Agents: Auckland, John Roberton, Fort-street.—Bay of Islands: James Bushy.

Trade Directory.

  • Auctioneers—Alfred Buckland; Connell and Ridings; Cochrane, Hunter and Co.; J. Ledsum; S. Jones; W. Marsden; D. McPhee and Co.; S. Collins; Cheeseman Brothers,
  • Architects and Surveyors—Davis and Cork; James Stewart; J. Wrigley; R. G. Wood; E. Davy; James Campbell; C Sanderson.page CXLVI
  • Artists—Burchell; — Ewart; E. Kinloch; C. Lynsnar
  • Agents—J. Henderson; W. Hobson; W. McQueen; Hugh Reid; T. Weston; O. Strickland.
  • Bakers and Confectioners—T. Branch; C. Canning—Caley; J. Cromwell; H. Coolahan; H. Debus; T. Douglas; R. Ford; F. George; D. Hill; J. Letham; S. Letham; L McEwan; A. Pope; P. Robertson; A. C. Schafer; J. Syms; W. Waddle; D. Lundon;— Briton; — Dorran
  • Board and Residence-— B. C. Hayles; J. Thorne; T. Sinden; J. Jackman; Mrs. Byers
  • Blacksmiths—Davidson and Sewell; P. Grace; R. Gibsou; A. Hodge; M. G. Leahay; P. McDonald; E. Wall; J. Wilson
  • Booksellers and Stationers—George T. Chapman; E. Wayte; J. Varty; W. C. Wilson
  • Brickmakers—G. Gillingham; Laurie Brothers
  • Bricklayers & Stonemasons— —Boyd; Hancock, — Nichol, R. Tudehope; — White, J. Porter
  • Boat and Shipbuilders—J. Nicholson; W. Nichol; W, Carr
  • Bookbinders — J. F. Leighton; A. Nelson
  • Butchers — K. Andrews; T. Barr;—Coxen; H. Day; T. Gardener; J. Marriott; A. Pollock; Mrs. Rees; F. Smith; J. W. Stocks; J. Wilson; H. Walker; J. Young
  • Brewers—R. Seccombe and Sons, Jupp and Co.
  • Carver and Gilder—J. Leach
  • Cap Maker—Mrs. Edwards
  • Coach Builders—J. McLeod; A. Macky; Starch and Sons; E. J. Skyrme; R. Soall
  • Drapers—A. Ashton; J. Bridgman; A. Clark and Son; I. Doitsche; T. S. Forsaith, Graham and Co.; David Graham and Co.; W. McEwan; W. Rattray; R. B. Shalders; T. Short; S. and J. R., Vaile; — Dyson
  • Carpenters and Builders—Andrews; Coombe and Sons; William Scott; J. Findlay; R. Matthews; — Herron; —Bartley; —Morgan; — Muir
  • Carters—Geo. Aggars; James Butcher; James Balentine; John Dunn; Wm, Dore; H. Fitzgerald; James Francis; P. Grace; Peter Grace; M. Grace; Joseph Harris; John Harris; James Kelly; William Kibblewhite; Wm. Millar; P. McCormick; H. Maiden; James McGragh; John McGragh; Robert Pollock; W. Parker; F. Roe; Joseph Scott; J. Simpson; D. Sheehan; J. K. Tatum; T. Wren; W. Watt
  • Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers—T. and H. Cook; D. Collins; — Cotter; Cooper and Carter; J. Halyday; — Hayward; — Pettit
  • Chemists and Druggists—J. Edson; — Grundy; H. Potter; — Phillipson
  • Coopers—Bruce and Martin; Harkins and Haswell; -— Sheddan
  • Corn Factors and Seedsmen—William Mears; R. S. Drury; — Somerville
  • Fancy Repositories—Mrs. Benbow; H. Hopkins; T. Harris; J. W. Lewis; Mrs. Main; T. S. Sausom; T. Scott; O. Smallfield
  • Ginger Beer and Lemonade Makers— D. Buchanan & Co.; M. Dillon; G. S. Macnamara
  • Gunsmith—G. Evitt
  • Greengrocers — J. Higgins; Mrs. Malone; J. Williamson
  • Grocers—J. W. Adlam; S. Brown; T. W. Doonin; —Denby; S. Fordham; J. Grey; Le Quesne; — Arner; T. Marsh; W. Morrin; A. Otto; F. L. Prime; M. Somerville; A. Somerville
  • Refreshment Rooms—L. James; J. Porter
  • Hairdressers, &c.—G. Hampshire; J. Hodge; — McDonald; J. Webbe
  • Hotels—"Metropolitan," A. Scott; "Duke of Marlborough," Mrs. Macready; "Thistle," P. Darby; "Greyhound," W. L. Rogers; "Wharf," A. Barchard; "William Denny," J. Pilkington; "Trafalgar," D. Sheehan; "Union," W. Kennedy; "British," J. Boulter; "White Hart," P. Beck; "Yew Tree," Mrs. Mattock; "Commercial," H. Keesing; "Royal Exchange," B. Vercoe; "Allied Arms," J. Shea; "Governor Brown," D. Sheehan; "Prince of Wales," D. Lockwood; page cxlvii"Auckland," B. Newell; "White Swan," J. Downing; "Gibraltar Rock," Mrs. Grimley; "Albion," Cavanagh; Royal, J. Palmer; "Shakspeare," H. Clark; "Clanricarde," P. Dignam; "Aurora," Grace Rule; "Hibernian," J. Herz; "Fitzroy," J. T. Carter; "Masonic," W. Nichol; "Black Bull," J. Nicholson; "Cornish Arms," O. Jeffry.
  • Importers—G. & E. Lewis; G. Turrell; Thomson, Keith and Co.; L. Turrell
  • Ironmongers—J. T. Boylan; Owen and Fendelow; H. Smith; B. N. Manley, Coleman, Ireland and Co.; Newman and Ewen
  • Iron Merchant—F. G. Shepherd
  • Ironfounders and Engineer—S. Dove; — Vickery; — Gibb
  • Jeweller—J. H. Watt
  • Livery Stables—E. Allen; T. Keightley
  • Land Agents—W. Aitken; H. Hardington; M. Wood; T. Craig
  • Leather Merchants — B. Gittos; J. England
  • Millers—Lamb and Melvin; Low and Motion; Thornton, Smith & Firth
  • Merchants — Brown, Hall and Co.; Brown and Campbell; Cruikshank, Smart & Co.; C. Davis; H. Ellis; J. A. Gilfillan & Co.; Henderson and Macfarlane; E. King; A. and R. Keesing; Owen and Graham; J. Roberton; J. Salmon and Co.
  • Milliners—Miss Crown; A. Helet; M. Jones; Miss McLaughlin; Mrs. Lowson; C. McLeod; Miss Nowell; Powley and Johnson; A. &E. Thick; Miss Cox
  • Music Sellers— —Webb; —Richardson
  • Music Teachers—J. Brown; — Beale; J. Woodham; J. Fleetwood; Mrs. Burchell
  • Outfitters—M. Bruce; N. Goldwater; K. Lazarus; A. Oliver; T. W. Reading; F. Hannken
  • Photographers—J. N. Crombie; A. Monkton & Co.; — Trelor
  • Plumbers—M. Keily; A. McPherson; W. J. Marks; A. Young
  • Painters—H. Gilberd; — Goodwin; J. W. Graham; J. W. Phillipps and Son; J. Williams; E. Webbe
  • Printers and Publishers—W. C. Wilson; George T. Chapmam; J. J. Moore
  • Potter—G. R. Ellis
  • Saddlers—Connor and Harney; J. McKerras; Murray
  • Storekeepers, General—A. Asher; W. Brighton; C. Broad; P. Brahany; H. Christopher; Thomas Doyle; A. Deane; T. Dobson; Mrs. Dunning; G. Dennet; A. Dingwall; J. Flower; W. French; N. Foet; G. Gallagher; J. Gomez; Mrs. Garrack; P. Grace; J. Hooker; J. Hallin; S. Hassell; — Hemmings; — Keegan; P. S. Devy; D. Lorigan; — Levy; J. Lander; — Lawson; J. C. McDowell; J. C. D. Macfarlane; H. Partington; J. Rout; J. Robertson; J. Rawson; J. Russel; B. Smith; M. Taylor; T. Thompson; J. Williams & Co.; R. J. Wilson; F. Woolams
  • Servants' Registry Office — At Chapman's
  • Ship Chandlers—Lillewall and Rattray; C. A. Harris
  • Saw Trimmer—W. Rhodes
  • Tailors—Anderson; T. Ashman; D. Gormand; R. Hampton; P. Londergan; J. T. Mann; W. McCaul; W. Posseneskie; J. Syms; S. Wishart
  • Tin-plate Workers — J. Learning; A. Spalding; T. Snodgrass; J. Francis
  • Undertaker—A. Marshall
  • Veterinary Surgeons—L. D. Halstead; J. Austin
  • Wood Turners—W.Ripley; J. Culpan
  • Watchmakers — W. Buchanan; R. Beck; T. A. Hicks; G. B. Hair; M. King; T. Maeready; R. and J. Oliphants; A. Quartier
  • Wheelwright—J. Richardson
  • Timber Merchants—J. Cadman; A. David; Mrs, Lorigan; Roe, Street & Co.; C. Ring; Rattray & Mathieson; J. Scarrott
  • Warehousemen—J. H. Burnside & Co.
page cxlviii

Wellington Provincial Directory.

Solicitors, &c.

  • William Fox
  • Edward Augustus Carlyon
  • Charles Dudley Robert Ward
  • Bingham Arthur Ferard
  • John King
  • Charles B. Borlase
  • John E. Smith
  • Richard S. Cheeseman


Episcopal Church.
  • Charles John Abraham, Bishop of the Diocese
  • Octavius Hadfield, Archdeacon of Kapiti, Otaki
  • Arthur Stock, St. Peter's, Te Aro
  • Richard Taylor and H. S. Nicholls, Whanganui
  • William Ronaldson, Wairarapa
  • W. St. Hill, Napier
  • Samuel Williams, Ahuriri
Church of Scotland.
  • William Kirton, Wellington
Free Church.
  • John Moir, Wellington
  • David Hogg, Whanganui
  • James Duncan, Hutt
  • John Warren and Robert L. Vickers, Wellington
  • John Aldred, Hutt
  • William J. Watkin, Whanganui
Church of Rome.
  • Dr. Viard, Bishop of Wellington
  • J. J. P. O'Reiley, V.G.
  • John B. P. Jean
  • Joseph Ceon
  • John Forrest, V. G., Hutt
  • Stephen Pezant and Joseph Lampila, Whanganui
  • Edward Reignier, Ahuriri
  • Henry Scott, Wellington
Primitive Methodist.
  • Joshua Smith, Wellington


  • There are three papers published in Wellington, viz.:—
  • "The New Zealand Spectator."
  • "The Wellington Independent."
  • "The New Zealand Advertiser."
  • They are published twice a week.

Union Bank Of Australia.

  • Manager—James Carter.

Societies, &c.

  • Oriental Bank Corporation.—Manager, Stewart Murray.
  • Church of England Education Society. —Secretary and Treasurer, J. E. Smith, Esq.; Master Te Aro School, Mr. W. H. Holmes; Master Thorndon School, Mr. W. Mowbray.
  • New Zealand Society.—President, His Excellency Col. Thomas Gore Brown, C.B.; Treasurer, W. M. Bannatyne, Esq.; Secretary, Mr. W. L. Buller.
  • Savings Bank.—Accountant, J. Woodward.
  • Philharmonic Society.
  • Athenæum and Mechanics' Institute.
  • Wellington Building Society.
  • Land on Deferred Payments Society.
page cxlix

Nelson Provincial Directory.

Solicitors, &c.

  • W. T. L. Travers (District Judge), H. Adams (Provincial Solicitor), S. Kingdon, D. Sinclair, T. Connell, J. Stamper, — Oakes


  • Nelson—T. B. Thebing, M.D.; Williams and Sealey; T. Renwick, M.D.; J. B. Tatton, M.B.; G. F. Bush; E, Irwine
  • Richmond—F. Laking
  • Wakefield—Dr. Oldham
  • Motueka—W. F. Little, J. F. Wilson
  • Motupipi—J. Tilby
  • Collingwood—Dr. Turnell


  • Edmond Hobhouse, M.A., Bishop of Nelson; J. Turton, J. Bowden, Thomas Lloyd Tudor, Nelson; Sam. Poole, Waimea East; J. C. Bagshaw, Motueka; Charles Codrington, Collingwood
  • Edward Thomas, J. Biss, Nelson; Decimus Dolamore, Wakefield
Presbyterian Church.
  • Patrick Calder
Church of Rome.
  • Anthony Garin, David Moreau
  • James Moorhouse, Jonathan Innes


  • The "Nelson Examiner"
  • The "Colonist"
  • The "The Nelson Advertiser"

Trade Directory.

  • Auctioneers—N. Edwards and Co., Nash and Scaife
  • Architects and Surveyors—M. Bury, J. W. G. Beauchamp, Huddlestone and Western, J. Rochfort
  • Bankers—The Union Bank of Australia, A. Kerr, Manager; H. H. Knowles, Accountant; J. T. Warren, Teller. Discount days—Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Bakers—King and Goodman, J. Anstice, J. Griffin, A. Rankin, E. Lancy C. Harris, F. Flowerday
  • Booksellers and Stationers—C. and J. Elliott, W. M. Stanton, H. D. Jackson
  • Board and Lodging Houses — Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Coalman, Mrs. Etty, Miss Sharp
  • Boot and Shoe Warehouses—B. Jackson, J. G. Graiser, T. Usher
  • Boot and Shoemakers—J. White, G. Batchelor, T. Batchelor, F. W. Haase, W. Healy, S. Biggs, J. Waters
  • Blacksmiths—C. Balme, T. Wimsett, Gorrie and Son, G. Sherrat, J. Norton
  • Brickmakers—W. Damant, C. Bray, Patching Brothers
  • Bricklayers and Stonemasons—Brown and Simpson, J. Steel, J. Ladd, G. Blick, J. H. Harris
  • Boat Builders and Shipwrights—J. B. Calder, W. Brown, T. G. Freeman, D. Gilbertson, H. Jacobsen
  • Butchers—H. Hargreaves, Mrs. Bird, J. Percival, Pratt and Scott
  • Brewers—Hooper and Co., T. Field, H. Baly, Harlay Gentry and Co., C. Christie, M. Blythe, A. Banks
  • Custom House Agents—T. Askew, J. Beit, H. E. Curtis, N. Edwards, H. Edwards, J. R. Hays, J. Levien, G. Ridings, A. Scaife, T. Trewheellar
  • Carters—-J. Armstrong, B. Crisp, W. Scott, W. Taylor, J. Drewett, W. Watts, J. Stockwell
  • Carpenters and Builders—D. Burns, T. Bright, J. Barrett, R. Black, J. Gorrie, J. Hargreaves, J. S. M. Jacobsen, N. Leaper, J. Robertson, page clW. Rout. J. M'Kay, W. Brent, G. Morley, T. York, H. Young, E. Pickering, J. Scott, G. Chittenden. J. Henry
  • Cabinetmakers, &c.—J. Hargreaves, T. Bush, W. Harvey, J. G. Denne, E. E. Coleman, F. Schumacher, W. Rout, R. Marten
  • Chemists and Druggists—C. Macshane, F. B. Hadfield, J. B. Tatton, E. Prichard
  • Confectioners — T. Davis, J. Griffin, King and Goodman, A. Rankin, Mrs. Stewart
  • Cooper—A. Banks
  • Coachmaker—H. Balme
  • Cutler and Gunsmith—Joseph Taylor
  • Drapers, &c—J. P. Black, Mrs. Bartlett, M. Harris, P. Phillips, S. Baker, T. Anslow
  • Flax Mill—Burns and Rout
  • Fishmongers—Amos and Good
  • Ginger Beer and Lemonade Makers— S. Wadham, J. Bentley
  • Grocere—J. Symons and Co., J. S. Hollis, Rentoul Brothers, E. W. Trent
  • Hairdresser and Perfumer—W. H. West
  • Hotels, &c.—"Trafalgar Hotel," J. Luck; "Masonic Hotel," E. Everett; "Wakatu Hotel," J. Lewthwaite; "Commercial Hotel," J. Jarvis; "Marine Hotel," C. McGee; "Royal Hotel," W. Wright; "Miners' Arms," J. Porthouse: "Victoria Hotel," D. Fulton; "Steamboat Tavern," A. Bush; "London Tavern," H. Hudson; "Prince Albert," G. Herwin; "Bush Tavern," E. Thompson; "Rising Sun," P. Adam; "Fleece Tavern," G. Richardson; "Prince Alfred Hotel," J. Armstrong; "Mitre Hotel," H. Jasper; "Albion Hotel," F. Stock; "Pier Hotel," J. Winterburn; "Wheatsheaf," A. Banks.
  • Ironmongers—I. M. Hill, T. C. Batchelor, J. Symons
  • Iron Foundry—C. Balme
  • Livery Stable Keepers—I. Freeth, Nesbitt and Co.
  • Land and Estate Agents—B. O. Hodson, W. F. Maiben
  • Lighterman—T. Trewheellar
  • Lime Burners—J. Sigley, J. Carter, jun.
  • Maltster—M. Blythe
  • Miller—M. Campbell
  • Merchants — N. Edwards and Co., Morrison and Sclanders, Nash and Scaife, Curtis Brothers, W. Wilson, D. Moore, J. H. Levien and Co., E. Buxton, Sharland and Watt
  • Milliners, &c. — Mrs. Green, Mrs. Browning, Miss Jay, Mrs. Estcourt, Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. Usher, Mrs. Drew
  • Nurserymen, &c.—T. Epps, W. Hale
  • Outfitter—J. Lucas
  • Photographic Artists — R. Oxley, J. Davis
  • Painters, Plumbers, &c.—W. Norgrove, T. B. Louisson, Stallard and Mills, T. Stringer, T. Merritt
  • Printers and Publishers—C. and J. Elliott, W. Nation
  • Rope & Twine Spinner—W. Gardiner
  • Saddlers—E. F. Jones, Peat & Thornton
  • Storekeepers (General)—W. M. Stanton, J. C. Phillips, T. Snow, T. Askew, W. Wilkie, D. Fraser, H. J. Goodman, W. Hough, A. G. Betts, G. Henderson, T. Greig, Mrs. Lloyd
  • Straw Bonnet Makers—Mrs. Hardy
  • Tanner—W. Blick
  • Teachers of Music—Mrs. Scaife, Mrs. Helps, R. B. Walcot
  • Teacher of Dancing—D. Chittenham
  • Teachers at Public Schools—W. C. Hodgson, Mrs. Sait, Miss Darby
  • Tailors—J. Webb, E. Snow, J. Turner, A. Waxman, F. Forman, E. W. Dee
  • Tin-plate Workers—A. & J. M'Artney, R. Burn
  • Turners—J. A. Parker, T. Bush
  • Undertakers—W. Rout, W. Jenkins
  • Upholsterers—W. Jenkins, J. G. Denne, T. Bush
  • Veterinary Surgeons—E. J. Brock, T. Newton
  • Whitesmith—J. Newman
  • Watch and Clock Makers—G. Coates, Hunter and Son, H. Drew
  • Wine and Spirit Store—H. Baly
  • Wheelwrights — A. Ricketts, J. F. Leech
page cli

Public Offices, Societies, &c.

  • Dun Mountain Copper Mining Company —T. R. Hacket, Secretary
  • Building Society—J. Percy, Secretary
  • Liverpool and London Insurance Company—N. Edwards and Co., Agents
  • Northern Insurance Company—Nash and Scaife, Agents
  • Nelson Coast Steam Association — Curtis, Brothers, Agents
  • Nelson Trust Funds — Trustees—D. Monro, D. Sinclair, O. Curtis, J. D. Greenwood, J. W. Barnicoat, G. Elliott, W. Wells.—Secretary, A. G. Jenkins
  • Freemasons,—Southern Star Lodge, held at Masonic Hall; H. J. Goodman, Secretary
  • Odd Fellows' Society, M.U.—H. Edwards, P.C.S.; Loyal Nelson Lodge, and Loyal Howard Lodge, held at Odd Fellows' Hall on alternate Monday evenings
  • Nelson Institute (combines Reading-room, Library, Museum, &c.: subscription, 10s. per annum)—President, H. Adams. — Secretary, J. Percy
  • Turf Club—C. Elliott, Secretary
  • Nelson Gold Mining Company — A. W. Scaife, Honorary Secretary
  • Chamber of Commerce—A. W. Scaife, Honorary Secretary
  • Nelson Board of Works — Joseph Webb, J. Graham, D. Burns, E. Everett, R. Burn, J. Gorrie, W. L. Wrey,—Secretary to Board, J. L. Bailey
  • Lloyd's Agent—John R. Hays

Inns, &c, in Country Districts.

  • Wakapuaka — "Black Horse," W. Wastney
  • Stoke—"Turf Hotel," B. Beach
  • Richmond —"Star and Garter," R. Disher; "Plough Inn," Mrs. Cleaver; "Wheat sheaf," Mrs. Higgs; "Red Horse," Mrs. Kite
  • Hope—"Waimea Hotel," M. Coleman
  • Spring Grove—" Holly Bush," T. Hill
  • Waimea West — "Waimea Inn," J. Palmer; "Waimea Hotel," A. Devanay
  • Wakefield —"Wakefield Arms," D. Warnock; "Forest Inn," T. Hunt
  • Moutere—"Bridge Inn," T. Haynes
  • Motueka—"Motueka Hotel," J. Parker; "Swan Inn," G. Harding; "Retreat Inn," C. Wise
  • Riwaka—"Piwaka Inn," A. Dodson; "Travellers' Rest," J. Fowler
  • Takaka—"Takaka Inn," J. Spittal; "Waitapu Ferry," B. Kemp
  • Collingwood—"Commercial Hotel," J. W. Miles; "Golden Age," D. Allen; "Wanderers' Rest," W. Shaser; "Golden Age Tavern," F. T. Berry.

Marlborough Provincial Directory.


  • F. Bowden


  • Horne, Blenheim, Kilgour, Picton

Ministers and Places of Worship.

  • The Schoolhouse at Blenheim and the Institute at Picton are used as places of worship; but the only building in the Province erected for a place of worship is the Omaka Presbyterian Church, Renwick-town
  • Rev. H. F. Butt, Episcopalian
  • Rev. T. D. Nicholson, Presbyterian
  • Superintendent, Provincial Secretary, Solicitor, and Commissioner of Crown Lands—William Adams.
  • Provincial Treasurer—Cyrus Goulter
  • Clerk to Superintendent—John Jeffries
  • Executive Council—A. P. Seymour and Joseph Ward
  • Provincial Engineer and Surveyor—Alfred Dobson
  • Registrar of Deeds, Births, Deaths and Marriages, Resident Magistrate, Collector of Customs, and Postmaster—Stephen L. Mullar.page clii
  • Gaoler and Sergeant-Major of Police—Joseph McCailney.

Provincial Council.

  • Beaver—James Sinclair
  • Lower Wairau—W. H. Eyes, Henry Dobson
  • Picton—A. P. Seymour
  • Upper Wairau—John Godfrey, Cyrus Goulter
  • Wairau Valley—William Adams, J. D. Baillie
  • Awatere—Charles Elliott
  • Flaxbourn and Clarence—Joseph Ward
  • Speaker and Clerk to Council—Cyrus Goulter

Chief Towns.

  • Picton, Blenheim, and Renwick-town


  • Fortnightly from Nelson and Wellington

Odd Fellows.

  • At Blenheim: Archibald Hamilton, Secretary


  • "Marlborough Press," weekly

Trade Directory.

  • Storekeepers, &c, Blenheim — John Symons & Co., William Symons, William Smith
  • Bookseller and Photographer—William Collie
  • Innkeepers—"Victoria," James Sinclair; "Marlborough," Gavin Rulston; "Royal," William Craig; "Royal Oak," J. Scarrol; "Commercial," Francis Fraser; "Blenheim," Henry S. Bush
  • Brewer—Henry Dobson
  • Carpenters and Builders — C. & J. Davis, Thomas Wall, James Gorrie, Thomas Palmer, John Miller
  • Cabinetmaker—M. A. Simpson
  • Saddler—John Dempsey
  • Printers—Coward and Millington
  • Wheelwrights—Robinson Brothers
  • Blacksmiths—Joseph Taylor; James Sinclair
  • Tinsmith—James Nosworthy
  • Bricklayer—Booker
  • Shoemakers—T. Adams, Geo. Watts, Charles Lucas, William Wriggley
  • Tailors—J. Macintosh, Thos. Warner
  • Butchers—William Simmonds, William Budge
  • Bakers and Confectioners—Bailey and Smith
  • Carters—William Henderson; John Wrath; James H. Greig; Charles Eyes; T. W. Winchin
  • Painter—Arthur Davis

Big Bush, Near Blenheim.

  • Storekeeper—J. M. Hucheson
  • Hotels—"Grove," W. A. Sutherland; "Separation, "John Shepherd
  • Tailor—William Evans
  • Gunsmith—George Watson

The Boulder Bank Approach to Blenheim.

  • Merchant—Samuel Bowler
  • Hotels—Charles Barber, Michael Peel


  • Hotels — Henry Bonnington; J. L. Neave
  • Storekeeper—James McBeth
  • Builder—E. C. Morgan
  • Carpenters—F. Martel, S. Harris
  • Surveyor—A. Ogg
  • Surgeon—Dr. Cargell


  • Hotel and Store—H. Lackman; John Godfrey
  • Blacksmith—T. & D. Masted


  • Hotel and Store—W. B. Earll Hotels—At Waihopai, Robert McIvor; at Wairau Valley, John Wayman; at Upper Wairau, Buchanan and Jeffries; at Waitohi Valley, William Strachan
  • Flour Mill—Upper Wairau, Henry Godfrey
  • "Spring Creek, F. L. Vi-chermann
  • Shipping—The "Alert," 30 tons. Samuel Bowler, owner
  • Anniversary, the first of November.
page cliii

Canterbury Provincial Directory.

  • Superintendent—His Honour W. S. Moorhouse
  • Executive Council—C. R. Blakiston, Provincial Secretary, T. S. Duncan, Provincial Solicitor, H. A. Scott, W. Wilkin
  • Provincial Treasurer—J. Marshman
  • Clerk—H. Bainbridge
  • Auditor—R. J. Harman
  • Chief Clerk to the Provincial Secretary —T. W. Maude
  • Assistant—G. Turner
  • Provincial Council—R. Packer, C. W. Bishop, C. B. Fooks, T. S. Duncan, J. T. Cookson, R. Davis, A. Alport, C. Ward, A. Dobbs, C. R. Blakiston, R. H. Rhodes, R. Harman, A. E. White, W. Thomson, C. W. Wyatt, C. Bowen, E. M. Templer, J. Ollivier, J. Miln, E. Latter, E. F. Harston, J. G. Fyfe, T. Potts, R. Higgins, G. A. Ross, W. Wilkin
  • Speaker—C. Bowen
  • Clerk—H. Quin
  • Messengers—R. Whish & A. Barwell


  • Messrs. T. S. Duncan, C. W. Wyatt, E. F. Harston, W. Williams, E. Johnstone, C. J. Hodgson, J. Hodgson, J. D. Bamford, — Patten


  • Messrs, Alfred Barker — Parkerson, Thos. Fisher, — Coward,—Turnbull, — Hilson, — Chapman


  • Henry John Chitty Harper, D. D., Bishop of Christchurch; Octavius Mathias, Archdeacon of Akaroa; Benjamin Dudley, Franeis Knowles, James Wilson, William Willock, Charles Bowen, Henry Tendall, W. Aylmer, G. Cotterill, Henry Jacobs,
  • Henry W. Harper, O. Torlesse, C. Alabaster
  • James Buller and William Rowse
Free Church.
  • C. Fraser, Christchurch
Church of Rome.
  • Joseph Seon


  • Lyttelton—A. J. Alport, F. Noble, Campbell & Co., E. A. Hargreaves
  • Christchurch—J. T. Parkinson, John Ollivier, H. E. Alport, W. D. Barnard
  • Kaiapoi—J. Wylde

Hotels and Public-Houses.

  • Lyttleton—"Mitre," ——;"Robin Hood," P. Cameron; "Canterbury," J. Caton; "Universal," W. Heaphy; "Albion," J. Collier.
  • Christchurch—"Royal Exorsof," J. B. Thomson; "White Hart," C. Newton; "Golden Fleece," J. F. Ballard; "Royal Oak," Whale.
  • Kaiapoi—"Kaiapoi" Hotel, G. F. Day; "Northern" Hotel, J. M. Frazer; "Ferryman's Arms," G. Jackson; "Kaikainui," W. White.
  • Akaroa—"Brace's," S. Gibbs; "Commercial," G. Armstrong; "Peninsular," W. Henderson.
  • Sumner, G. Day; Heathcote Ferry, E. Pearce, "Heathcote Arms"; Ricarton, J. Dilloway, "Traveller's Rest"; Papanui, J. Meddings; Waimakariri Ferry, J; Felton; Rangiora, T. W. Foster, "Lion"; Timaru, H. Cain and S. Williams.

Wine and Beer Licenses.

  • Christchurch—W. Stringer, E. Dillon.
  • Kaiapoi—E. Panckhurst.
page cliv

Accommodation Houses.

  • Saltwater Creek, D. and D. Cameron; Kowai, J. Leith; Rakaia, W. Dunsford; Ashburton, J. C. Turton; Timaru. J. Deans; Akaroa Harbour, John Anderson

Societies, Associations, and Companies.

  • Lyttelton Colonists' Society and Literary Institute
  • Lyttelton Savings' Bank
  • Lyttelton Branch Union Bank of Australia
  • Christchurch Branch Union Bank of Australia
  • Building Society, Lyttelton
  • Canterbury Steam Navigation Company
  • Avon Steam Navigation Company
  • Christchurch Harmonic Society
  • Christ's College Library: Cashel-street, Christchurch
  • Christchurch Mechanics' Institute
  • Canterbury Jockey Club
  • Farmers' Club


  • "Lyttelton Times," and "Canterbury Standard"

Lyttelton Chamber of Commerce.

  • A. J. Alport, Secretary

Lloyd's Agent.

  • Cookson, Bowler, & Co., Lyttelton

Otago Provincial Directory.

Solicitors, &c.

  • James Howorth, Robert Chapman, Thomas Bannatyne Gillies, M.H.R., Malcolm Graham, E. Peel Kenyon, John McGlashan, "William Johnston, William Stuart, Richard L. Jeffreys.


Presbyterian Church.
  • Dunedin, First Church—Thomas Burns.
  • "Knox Church—D. M. Stewart.
  • Port Chalmers—William Johnston.
  • Taieri East—William Will.
  • Waihola—John McNicol.
  • Tohomairiro—Alexander B. Todd.
  • Clutha—William Bannerman.
  • Invercargill—Andrew H. Stobo.
  • Taieri West—James Urie.
  • Dunedin—E. G. Edwards.
  • Waikowaite—J. A. Fenton.


  • The "Otago Witness," published weekly, on Saturday
  • The "Otago Colonist," published weekly, on Friday

Societies, &c.

  • Public Hospital—E. Hulme, M.D., Surgeon
  • Otago Property Investment Company —Secretary, Charles Reid
  • Dunedin Building and Land Society— Secretary, John Simpson
  • Total Abstinence Society—President, Dr. Purdie. Vice-Presidents, Revds. R. Hood and D. M. Stewart. Secretary, A. R. Livingstone
  • Libraries—Church Library, Book Club.

Trade Directory.

  • Merchants and Storekeepers—J. Jones and Co., Holmes and Co., Cargill and Co., Young and M'Glashan, J. Paterson and Co., R. B. Martin and Co., F. Greer and Co., Thomas Dick, James Kilgour (and Baker), Jones and Williamson (and Bakers), Turn-bull, Bing and Co., James Barr, M'Leod and Gibson, Webb and Co., James M'Indo, W. and F. Mansford, James Brown (Draper), Alexander Wollison (Draper), Hall and Co. (Draper;, C. T, Ick (Draper), A. page clvR. Logan (Draper), A. S. Wilson (Chemist), J. Dodds (Chemist), J. J. Switzer (Shoemaker), W. Simpson (Shoemaker), Munroe and Murray (Shoemakers), George Burke, Simpson and Henderson, James Paterson (Baker), Joseph Rainter (Baker), G. Eldershaw (Baker), James Finch and Co. (Bakers, Wine and Spirit Merchants), R. Murray (Confectioner), D. Henderson (Ironmonger), Day and Milville (Ironmongers), J. Curie (Tinsmith), J. Couston (Tinsmith), A. Beverly, (Watchmaker), Wilson & Mason (Otago Foundry), W. and J. Barr (Butchers), D. Camp-bell (Printer), John Duncan (Miller and Grain Merchant), Healey and Christie, (Millers and Grain Merchants). J. and J. Runciman (Millers and Grain Merchants), James Wilkie (Tailor), John Sibbald (Tailor).
  • Merchants—T. J. White and Co., W. H. Calder, J. Blacklock and Co.

Medical Men. Dudedin.

  • Drs. Henry Nelson, Wm. Purdie, E. Hulme, R. Burns.


  • "Commercial"—G. B. Vanse
  • "Provincial"—Bridgeman McNeill
  • "Queen's Arms "—J. W. Feger
  • "Albion"—W. Lind
  • "Royal"— — Hughes

Banks. Dunedin.

  • Union Bank of Australia—Manager, Alfred Jackson Accountant, W. T. Green Teller, W. T. Brutton. Discount Days, Monday and Thursday
  • Oriental Bank—Manager, A. G. Anderson
  • Accountant, Edward Ivens

Lloyd's Agent.

  • W. H. Reynolds



  • Messrs. Stuart and Hare


  • W. H. Martin, John McCrystal

Ministers & Places Of Worship.

  • There is a large Presbyterian Congregation under the ministry of Rev. Andrew Hamilton Stobo; there is no permanent place of worship yet erected, the meetings are held at present in the Court House.
page clvi

Hawke's Bay Provincial Directory.


  • Allen, Charles, Shakespeare-road
  • Boorman, William, Hastings-street
  • Taylor, Brooke, Emerson-street
  • Wilson, J. N., Crown Pros., Shakespeare-road


  • English, Charles, Waipukurau
  • Hitchings, Thomas, Faraday-street
  • King, Knowles, Tutaekuri

Officiating Clergymen.

  • Barclay, Rev. P., Presbyterian Manse, Chaucer-road
  • Forrest, Rev. —, Roman Catholic, Shakespeare-road
  • Reignier, Rev. —, Roman Catholic Mission, Tutaekuri
  • St. Hill, Rev. H. W., Church of England, Browning-street
  • Wheeler, Rev. E., Church of England, Te Aute
  • Williams, Rev. Samuel, Church of England, College, Te Aute

Societies, &c.

  • Mechanics' Institute
  • Napier Hospital
  • Building Society
  • Choral Society—Meets for practice every Tuesday evening in the Schoolroom
  • Napier Reading Club — Temporary Reading-room open daily at the Golden Fleece Hotel

Trade Directory.

  • Aaronson, Simon, watchmakers, Hastings-street
  • Atkinson, Thos., storekeeper, Carlyle-street
  • Barraud & Bridge, chemists and druggists, Hastings-street
  • Begg, Samuel, merchant, Waghorn-st.
  • Boylan, Michael, ironmonger, Hastings-street
  • Bourke, Peter, storekeeper, Pokawa
  • Bowman, G., soda-water manufacturer, Shakespeare-road
  • Bray, John, Havelock hotel, Havelock
  • Browne, Alexander, draper, &c, Shakespeare-road
  • Bryan, G. A., painter & glazier, Carlyle-street
  • Burton, W., blacksmith and boatman, Hyderabad-road
  • Cannon and Marsh, butchers, Clive
  • Carswell, David, baker, Carlyle-street
  • Charlton, George, auctioneer, &c., Waghorn-street
  • Couper, Thos., storekeeper, Eparaima
  • Davis, John, publican and storekeeper, Ngawakatatara
  • Dinwiddie and Bryson, cabinetmakers, Carlyle-street
  • Doherty, Joseph, baker, &c, Shakespeare-road
  • Doitsh and Henry, drapers, &c, Emerson-street
  • Dolbell Brothers, blacksmiths and storekeepers, Clive
  • Dyett, Fredk., publican & storekeeper, Clive
  • Edwards, Thos., storekeeper, Shakespeare-road
  • Evison, Samuel, publican, Onepoto
  • Ellinghom, Wm., publican, Te Aute
  • Farrell, R. D., cooper, Shakespeare-rd.
  • Faulknor, Geo., storekeeper, Shakespeare-road
  • Ferguson, James B., merchant, Clive
  • Ferrers, Bernard, Golden Fleece hotel, Hastings-street
  • Fittall, Samuel, painter and glazier, Shakespeare-road
  • FitzGerald, Thomas Henry, steam mill, Shakespeare-road
  • Fletcher, Wm., blacksmith, Carlyle-st.
  • Forester, G. and Co., general merchants, Eastern Spit
  • Ford, William, publican, Waipawa
  • Ford and Walker, butchers, Hastings-streetpage clvii
  • Fougére, James, publican and storekeeper, Clive
  • France, Robert, storekeeper, Coote-rd.
  • Garry, J., blacksmith, Shakespeare-rd.
  • Hanchard, H. C, painter and glazier, Shakespeare-road
  • Heydn, John L., blacksmith, Waghorn-street
  • Holder, H. R., saddler and harness-maker, Waghorn-street
  • House, T., storekeeper, Hastings-st.
  • Jarvis, William, storekeeper, Clive
  • Jeffares, Thomas, Crown hotel, Waghorn-street
  • Kelly, J. J., storekeeper, Carlyle-street
  • Knowles, E. W., storekeeper, Wairoa
  • Lamb, Thomas, accommodation house, Porangahau
  • Le Quesne and Renauf, Commercial hotel, Waghorn-street
  • Liverpool & London Insurance Co.—Maltby & Co., agents
  • Maltby and Co., merchants, Customhouse-street
  • Marshall, John, Settlers' hotel, Shakespeare-road
  • M'Donnell Brothers, commission agents, Maraekakaho
  • M'Nalty, Martin, Star hotel, Shakespeare-road
  • Moss, John Pitts, Tavistock hotel, Waipukurau
  • Munn, Daniel, Royal hotel, Carlyle-st.
  • New Zealand Insurance Company.—H. P. Stark, agent
  • Newton, T. K., storekeeper, Carlyle-st.
  • Northern Insurance Company.—T. K. Newton, agent
  • O'Hara, W., ginger-beer manufacturer, Shakespeare-road
  • Peakman, Wm., storekeeper, Goldsmith-road
  • Perry, John R., timber merchant, Waghorn-street
  • Powles, Thomas, carter, &c., Carlyle-street
  • Rathbone, Wm., storekeeper, Waipawa
  • Reardon, Wm., boot and shoemaker, Shakespeare-road
  • Reynolds, Thos., publican, Patangata
  • Richardson, G. E. G., commission merchant, Eastern Spit
  • Rich and Parker, butchers, Carlyle-st. and Waghorn-street
  • Richards, Mrs., milliner, &c., Carlyle-street
  • Robjohn, John, storekeeper, Patangata
  • Robottom, John, bootmaker, Shakespeare-road
  • Rose, John, boatbuilder, Waghorn-st.
  • Rose, John, carter, &c, Shakespeare-road
  • Sebley, J. H., Chaucer tavern, Carlyle-street
  • Sherley, Henry, livery stables, Shakespeare-road
  • Sim, John, publican and storekeeper, Mohaka
  • Skeet, B. M., surveyor and commission agent, Coote-road
  • Skeet, H. L., surveyor and commission agent, Coote-road
  • Slater, John, tailor, Emerson-street
  • Smith, J. A. and Co., auctioneers and merchants, Eastern spit
  • Smith, Mrs., dressmaker, Carlyle-street
  • Smith James, cabinetmaker, Brewster-street
  • Stark, H. P., merchant, Hastings-st.
  • Steven, John, builder, Carlyle-street
  • Stewart, Jas., Royal York hotel, Goldsmith-road
  • Stuart, Kinross, and Co., merchants, Custom-house-street
  • Sutton, Frederick, storekeeper, Shakespeare-road
  • Taylor, Thomas, baker, &c, Shakespeare-flat
  • Thomas, William, builder, Carlyle-st.
  • Thomas' boarding establishment, Carlyle-street
  • Topping, Jas., storekeeper, Waghorn-street
  • Trestrail and Murray, builders, Carlyle-street
  • Touett, Edward John, merchant, Waghorn-street
  • Triphook and Wright, surveyors and commission agents, Shakepeare-road
  • Teummel, F., tailor, Shakespeare-road
  • Union Bank of Australia, Emerson-street.—J. B. Braithwaite, manager
  • Unmack, Carl, Napier restaurant, Hastings-street
  • Vautier, John Helier, builder, Eastern-spit
  • Wilkie and Williams, painters, &c, Hastings-streetpage clviii
  • Wilkinson, J. H., storekeeper, Waipawa
  • Williams, Thomas, Carlyle tavern, Carlyle-street
  • Wilson, James, carriage proprietor, Carlyle-street
  • Winsor, Samuel, bootmaker, Carlyle-street
  • Wood, John, boot and shoe maker, Shakespeare-road
  • Wood, James, stationery warehouse, and publishing office of Hawke's Bay Herald, Tennyson-street
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