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Nineteenth Century New Zealand Artists: A Guide & Handbook

List of Illustrations

page 269

List of Illustrations

Those illustrations marked with an asterisk—*—appear in colour

  • ABBOTT, E. I.* View of Dunedin from Little Paisley w/c

  • ABRAHAM, C. Rangitoto, Flagstaff and North Head w/c

  • ARDEN, F. Hamar. View of Egmont and the Valley of the Waiwakaiho, 1867 w/c

  • ARDEN, Frank. Bell Block Stockade drawing

  • ARNDT, Mina. Head of a Young Woman chalk

  • ATCHERLEY, H. M. L. Poutaka, or Native Storehouse, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand 1877 w/c

  • ATKINSON, R. Portrait of Albin Martin oil

  • AUBREY, C.* Upper Hutt 1890 w/c

  • BACKHOUSE, J. P. Cabbage trees growing in swamp w/c

  • BAKER, W. G.* Maori Pah, Waikato River oil

  • BARKER, Dr A. C. Riccarton c.1851 sketch

  • BARNICOAT, J. W. Otago, May 1, 1844

  • BARRAUD, C. D. Tree Fern, Wainui-o-mata 1861 w/c and pencil sketch

  • BATES, H. S. Tare-nui-a-rangi-pa, Hawkes Bay 1859 w/c

  • BAXTER, A. E. Mt Elliot and the Jervois Glacier w/c

  • BEALE, G. D. Wreck of the Orpheus w/c

  • BEECHEY, R. B. Wreck of the Orpheus oil

  • BELL, F. Dillon* Wairau Plain 1845 w/c

  • BENNIE, J. Dobson School pen and w/c

  • BEST, Madeline. Kapiti Island oil

  • BOOTH, L. H. The Awakening oil

  • BOWAY, W. Old Renall Street sketch

  • BRANFILL, B. A.* Old Christ's Church Nelson 1884

  • BREES, S. C. Courts of Justice, Wellington 1847 engraving

    page 270
  • BUTLER GRACE. A Summer Glow

  • BUTLER, Samuel. Self Portrait oil

  • CANE, T. Little River w/c

  • CHEVALIER, N. Sandfly Bay w/c

  • CLARKE, C. C. Stage erected to contain the food at the Feast given by the Native Chiefs, Bay of Islands 1849 w/c

  • CONNELL, B. Te Aro Flat 1843

  • EARLE, A. Entrance to the Bay of Islands w/c

  • EASTWOOD, J. One Tree Hill from Panmure w/c

  • ELLIOTT, G. H. The Faery Queen Mt Spencer Range w/c

  • FOX, William.* Fox Glacier, Wehaka or Cook's River Westland New Zealand

  • GAUT, J.* Lake Daniels 1883

  • GIBB, J, “Tarawera” Coaling, Bay of Islands 1886 oil

  • GIBB, W. M.* On the Road to Peel Forest w/c

  • GILFILLAN, J. A. Self Portrait oil

  • GILL, R. A. On the Heathcote River w/c

  • GOLD, C. E. Punga and Ferns

  • GOLDIE, C. F. Tamehana oil

  • GOULDSMITH, E. T. Trees and Stream, the Jennings Family Garden

  • GULLY, J. Wangapeka Valley w/c

  • HEAPHY, C. Apuku, Fishing Ground Admiralty Bay Cook's Strait c. 1843 sepia pen

  • HODGKINS, Frances.* Woman and Child w/c

  • HODGKINS, W. Lake Wakatipu w/c

  • HOWORTH, C. Clinton Valley oil

  • HOYTE, J. C.* Bay of Islands oil

  • HUNT, A. V. Waiata and Watercolour (Frank Wright) oil

  • HUTTON, D. C. Sketching Class sketch

  • JOEL, Grace.* Mother and Child w/c

  • KELLY, A. E. Lyttelton Harbour

  • KELLY, C. F. The Dome, Southern Alps

  • KINDER, J. Picton 1872 w/c

page 271
  • LAISHLEY, R. Erana (Ellen) Wife of Haora Tupaea, Tauranga 1885

  • LINDAUER, G. Te Hira Te Kawau oil

  • LLOYD, Trevor. Tree Ferns etching

  • MCCORMACK, T. A. Chinese Pottery w/c

  • MCCRACKEN, Francis. The Creche 1942 oil

  • MCINTYRE, R. Self Portrait oil

  • MARTIN, Albin. New Zealand Landscape oil

  • MERRETT, J. J. Maori Girl 1850s w/c

  • MERTON, Owen. Near Motueka, 1909 w/c

  • MITFORD, J. G.* Mokoia from Ohinemutu, Lake Rotorua w/c

  • MONKHOUSE, T. Auckland from the Domain w/c

  • NAIRN, J. M. Oatfields, Otago w/c

  • NAIRN, J. M. Wharf at Kaikoura with S.S. Wakatu oil

  • NICOLL, A. F. Portrait of Dr J. C. Bradshaw oil

  • NERLI, G. P. Portrait of painter Jane Eyre oil

  • O'BRIEN, G.* View of Otago Heads and Port Chalmers w/c

  • O'KEEFFE, A. H. Roses oil

  • PEELE, J. Sunrise, Broken River oil

  • PRESTON, J. Opawa Station, Albury

  • RICHARDSON, H. Linley. A School Girl c.1921 oil

  • RICHMOND, D. K. Mt Sefton w/c

  • RICHMOND, J. C. Mining Claim, Collingwood 1873 w/c

  • RYAN, Thomas. Champagne Falls oil

  • SAWTELL, R. Wild Roses w/c

  • SHARPE, Alfred. A Jam in a Lava Cleft w/c

  • SHERWOOD, Maud W. The White Horse w/c

  • SPROTT, W. K. Sunset on Port Hills oil

  • STEELE, L. J. Spoils to the Victors oil

  • STRUTT, W. A Group I once saw in Maori Land, New Plymouth 1856 pencil and wash

  • TEMPLE, Capt. E. F. Storming the Martiniere, Lucknow oil

  • VAN DER VELDEN, P. Study for Otira Gorge w/c

  • VON GUERARD, E. Milford Sound oil

    page 272
  • VON TEMPSKY, G. F. British Camp Surprised by Maoris who were Driven off with Heavy Losses 1860s

  • VON TEMPSKY, G. F. Untitled 1866 w/c

  • WALL WORK, Richard. The Drover oil

  • WALSH, A. W.* An Alpine Stream, Otira w/c

  • WARRE, Col. H. J. Mt Egmont, North of Waitara w/c and gouache

  • WATKINS, Kennett. The Home of the Cormorants gouache

  • WATKINS, Kennett. Sketch of L. J. Steele pencil

  • WATKINS, W. M. N. Akaroa Harbour oil

  • WELCH, J. S. View near Cargill's, Forbury, 1 Jan 1877

  • WELCH, Nugent. Summer oil

  • WELD, F. A. Brackenfield, South Island w/c

  • WIMPERIS, J. Old Dutch Galliot w/c

  • WORSLEY, C. N. Mt Sefton w/c

  • WRIGHT, Frank. The Close of Day oil

  • WRIGHT, Walter. Shelley Beach 1916 oil

  • YOUNG, H. W. Waterfront, Quay Street Wharf and Fish Market pen

  • Photograph Painter Herbert Fitzherbert in Garden at Lower Hurt, Wellington

  • Photograph Painter Robert Atkinson with Portrait he painted of Albin Martin in the background

  • Photograph A Group of Elam Students About 1896