Title: Fretful Sleepers and Other Essays

Author: Bill Pearson

Publication details: Heinemann Educational Books, 1974, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Paul Millar

Part of: New Zealand Texts Collection

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Fretful Sleepers and Other Essays


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The author and publishers wish to acknowledge the following publications, in which these essays first appeared: Collected Stories of Frank Sargeson (Blackwood & Janet Paul), Comment, Commonwealth Literature (Heinemann Educational Books), Here and Now, Image, Islands, Journal of the Polynesian Society, Landfall, Mate, New Zealand Listener, New Zealand Monthly Review.

The author wishes also to acknowledge with gratitude the following for permission to reproduce poems in the essay 'The Recognition of Reality': Longman Paul and the poet for 'Not by Wind Ravage' and 'Time and the Child', and extract from 'Sea Call' from No Ordinary Sun by Hone Tuwhare; Pegusus Press Ltd and the Estate of A.R.D. Fairburn for 'I'm Older than You Please Listen' from the Collected Poems of A.R.D. Fairburn; Pegusus Press Ltd and Mrs Dorothea Mason for 'Song of Allegiance' from the Collected Poems of R.A.K. Mason.