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Truth and Falsehood

Truth and Falsehood.

"They have a strong discriminating power. They can distinguish between the truth and falsehood, and if anyone attempted to make them believe anything false they would soon notice it, and if he had any influence over them he would soon lose that influence. They are quick to detect anything of that nature. As to a pretence of loyal motives and solicitude—there has been no pretence on my part. Whatever I have done I have done with a loyal heart and a true solicitude for the Samoan people: there page 40 has been no pretence whatever about it. I would not attempt to bring the Government of the Territory and the officials into hatred and contempt; I would lay myself at once liable to action for sedition or slander if I were to do that, and there is sufficient machinery in the present Government to punish people for doing* this. I do not know that there is anything else that I desire to say."