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"Obey All the. Laws."

"Obey All the. Laws."

"It would do them no good in any way to refuse to recognise officials of the Government, Native or European, and that they should obey all the laws. I did this, I recollect, when Tagaloa was before the Court. With reference to the 'Guardian,' it is true that I am the editor and a shareholder of the Guardian Company, and also that reference to the supplement printed in the Samoan language. I have never, through the medium of the 'Samoa Guardian/ either through the English or the Samoan section, sought to discredit the executive Government. I have indulged in fair criticism of the actions of the executive, a criticism which I contend every editor is privileged to make, provided he does it without malice. He may be wrong in his criticism, but if he refrains from stating anything of a malicious nature, or stating anything maliciously, he is privileged to make these criticisms. As to arousing dissatisfaction an J disobedience to the laws, that has been very far from my object. On the contrary, I have through the medium of the paper stated that the laws, so long as they exist in their present form, must be obeyed, and, until they are amended or repealed by constitutional methods, the people should respect them and the courts that are enforcing these laws. I have not to my knowledge endeavoured to belittle the Administrative officers of the Government."