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"Charges "Against Mr. Gurr

"Charges "Against Mr. Gurr.

To Edwin William Gurr, of Apia, Newspaper Editor.

(1) That you are an active member of an organisation called the "Mau," or League of Samoa, the purpose of which is to secure self-government for Samoa, and in furtherance of such purpose by unlawful means to frustrate and render ineffective, and which is frustrating and rendering ineffective, the functioning of the Administration.

(2) That you have since the 26th day of May, 1927, up to the present time circulated in Samoa a publication called the "Samoa Guardian," of which you are the Editor, and which is published by a Company of which you are a shareholder. The said paper page 37 has a supplement prepared and printed under your immediate supervision and control in the Samoan language, in which you are well versed. In such supplement you have since the last-mentioned date consistently and deliberately sought to discredit the executive Government of Samoa and to arouse dissatisfaction and disobedience to the laws and the Administrative Officers of the Government and to belittle them. To attain that purpose you have employed your wide knowledge of the language, customs, mentality, prejudice, party rivalries, and history of the Samoan people, and you have made use of false and misleading statements and suggestions. You have particularly played upon that characteristic of the Samoan people which causes them to give ready credence sensational falsehood. Under a pretence of loyal motives and solicitude for the Samoan people, you have, in the said publication, and especially in the said supplement, sought to bring the Government of the Territory and its officials into the hatred and contempt of its Samoan subjects.