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"Making the Position Impossible."

"Making the Position Impossible."

General Richardson: That is all. But for your information I will say that what happened two nights ago illustrates the attitude to-day. When the police try to function there is immediately trouble. Members of the Mau come along and say, "Our organisation will function in opposition to the Government," and it is making the position impossible. Only this morning there are parties coming along the coast to make a demonstration in Apia, and the origin or seat of this trouble is this Mau Committee in Apia. You have answered the question of what you will do. I will consider this matter very carefully, and let you know as soon as possible what recommendations I consider it necessary to make, if any.

Mr. Baxter: The date of the Act, Your Excellency, is the 5th August, 1927, and I submit that it is operative from that date, and that you will not consider anything that happened prior to that date?—General Richardson: I am fully aware of that.

This concluded the proceedings.