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So much has been said and written about Western Samoa during the past year or so, and so many opposing views have been given from the platform, press, and various official reports, that the public has inevitably become confused as to the real origin of the troubles and the events leading up to the present crisis.

My object here is to review briefly the past history of Samoa, and trace the causes which have brought about the highly critical condition of affairs which now exists and threatens grave disaster.

It is a matter of general knowledge that the fertile and highly-productive islands of Samoa are populated by a Polynesian race which is closely akin to the Maoris of New Zealand in blood, language and organic development. There are about 40,000 Samoans, 1900 of mixed Samoan and European blood and 450 pure Europeans, living in the islands.

The Samoans are a highly intelligent and educated race, modest and dignified in their demeanour; amiable, hospitable, and peace-loving in their disposition. They have been described by the retiring Administrator (General Richardson) in an article to the London "Times" as the "Aristocrats of the Pacific."