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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1907.



The Native Appellate Court shall have jurisdiction, on the application of any Native claiming to be interested in the Okahukura Block, to inquire and ascertain the boundaries, whether ancestral or as the same may have been agreed to, between the hapus to which the said block (including the blocks known as Papakai No. 1 and No. 2 and Ngapuna) was awarded on the investigation of title as set out in the minutes of the proceedings of the Native Land Court recorded in Vol. iv, page 107, and the following pages of the Native Land Court minutes for the Taupo district, and for the purposes aforesaid shall have power to confirm, amend, or vary all or any of the orders made on subdivision of the said block, or to cancel all or any of such orders, and to issue partition orders in lieu of such orders as may be cancelled, and the Native Appellate Court may by such partition orders or by separate orders ascertain and declare the relative interests of the Native owners of and in all or any of the subdivisions of the said block, and all such orders shall be final and conclusive. Nothing herein contained shall authorise the Native Appellate Court to vary or amend the award of the Native Land Court on investigation of title as recorded in the said minutes, and the said award is hereby declared to be conclusive as to the hapus entitled to the said block, and as to the parsons constituting such hapus, as if a valid and final order on investigation of title in favour of the persons constituting the said hapus had been completed in accordance with the said minutes at the date of the said investigation of title. No order to be made by the Native Appellate Court under the foregoing provisions shall prejudicially affect the rights of any persons who have entered into contracts for the purchase or milling of flax on the said block:

Provided that, in case any alteration shall be made by the Native Appellate Court in the boundaries or ownership of any subdivision, all rents, royalties, or other moneys now or hereafter to become payable under any such contract to the owners of any such subdivision of the said block shall be paid to the person or persons found by the judgment of the Native Appellate Court to be entitled as owners of such subdivision, instead of to the person or persons who but for such judgment would have been entitled to receive the same.