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Reports of the Native Affairs Committee, 1876.

[General Report]

General Report.

Inasmuch as most of the Maori Petitions which are being referred to this Committee are virtually in the nature of appeals from the decision of the Native Lands Court, and inasmuch as this class of petition is likely to be very numerous in the future, the Committee is of opinion that the establishment of a competent Court of appeal, the jurisdiction of which shall be confined exclusively to cases dealt with by the Native Lands Court, would enable such petitions as aforesaid to be dealt with much more intelligently than they can now be dealt with, and would be conducive to that fair and just redress of grievances which it is the desire of this Committee to see secured to the Maori race.

Resolved, therefore, that the Executive Government be recommended to take the matter into its favourable consideration, with a view of giving effect to the opinion of the Committee.

John Bryce,

23rd August, 1876.

He Kupu Tinana na te Komiti e tau ana ki te nuinga o nga Pukapuka-inoi.

Notemea ko te nuinga o nga pukapuka-inoi a nga Maori e tukua ana ki tenei Komiti he tono kia whiriwhiria houtia etahi whakataunga a te Kooti Whenua Maori a notemea e maharatia ana he maha pea nga pukapuka-inoi e tukua mai mo taua mea, e whakaaro ana te Komiti me whakatu tetahi Kooti Whakaaro hei whiriwhiri hei whakatau i nga mea anake e mahia ana i te Kooti Whenua Maori kia ahei ai te ata titiro marire atu i aua pukapuka-inoi i runga i te tikanga marama atu i te tikanga o naianei kia taea ai te whakaoti pai te whakaoti tika i nga raruraru e maharatia ana e te Komiti kia whakamaramatia ki runga ki te taha Maori.

Koia i meatia ai me whiriwhiri pal e te Kawanatanga tenei mea kia ahei ai te whakatuturu te whakaaro o te Komiti.

John Bryce,

Akuhata 23, 1876.