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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 2, Issue 3, 1989


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I note that it is nine years since Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies combined to produce the first joint issue of this Journal. Certainly from Nelson's point of view it has been a fortuitous arrangement providing a publication with a great variety of articles and widening our historical horizons.

This year has also seen our two societies making contact on a more personal level. Our trip to Brayshaw Park was greatly enjoyed by all participants and clearly showed that despite similar goals to further historical interest in our respective regions, the scale and thrust of our organisations differ considerably. We were again able to combine and repay some of Marlborough's hospitality on a fascinating field trip to the Wakamarina Valley.

Although only one Marlborough article appears in this issue it is to be hoped that our mutual involvement in the Journal will continue.

Once again we have an interesting mixture of articles – thank you contributors, in a well produced format – thank you editor Dawn Smith and printers Anchor Press.

Despite the risk of sounding repetitive I again make an early plea for copy for future issues. Our Journal after all is a direct reflection of the vigour of historical research in the top of the South Island and the principal annual historical publication for our region.

Steven Bagley