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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 2, Issue 3, 1989

(e) Other Lime Kilns

(e) Other Lime Kilns

Burning lime seems to have been a fairly common operation about or prior to the time of World War I. The kilns I have been able to find out about are: -

(i)One in Pig Valley owned and operated by Albert Tuck. Remains of this one can still be seen, close to the Maitai limestone outcrop in the Valley.
(ii)One in the Lee Valley, below the present quarry, at which George F. Williams worked. I do not know who owned it, or when it operated.
(iii)One in the Wairoa Gorge, just below the junction of the Lee and Wairoa Rivers, built at his home by George Williams.
(iv)Subsequent to the establishment of the crushing plant at Kaka, a kiln was built about a kilometre away by Hugh Gully and Jack Andrews of Brightwater. Attempts to burn lime with wood were apparently not successful, and the project was abandoned, with very little burnt lime having been produced.
(v)Another kiln was operated on the site which was later the location of the crushed lime works of the Motueka Lime Co. Ltd., probably at the time of World War I, or earlier.
(vi)About 1930, as one of his first excursions into the mineral industry, T. J. McKee operated a kiln for a short time on the Takaka Hill.