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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1966

Tory Street:

Tory Street:

Probably from the name of the first Company ship to reach Wellington. Also a Wellington street name.

This completes the names approved by the Street Naming Committee in their three meetings in March and April, 1842, but street naming in a new and rapidly growing town must have been a continuous process. Unfortunately there is little documentary evidence page 29to inform us who named subsequent streets or why they were named. At first the New Zealand Company must have named any new streets, then the Provincial Council after 1853, until the City Council was formed in the seventies.

Anyone wishing to carry on these researches further would need to have access to New Zealand Company and Provincial Council reports if such exist, or are available.

The new street names appear in the Examiner from April 16th, 1842, onwards so they must have come into use at once and probably proved a great boon to business people. There was still a certain amount of haziness about addresses, such as, "Haven Road, near the ford, in Mr. Tytler's house near the Eeelpond, at the brickyard, Nile Street East, or, near the Public Crane." There is a touch of old England in this one:

"J—, F—, Gardener and New Ground workman, Nile Street East, near Mr. McGarry's, respectfully solicits the patronage of the gentry of Nelson and its vicinity.

God bless the squire and his relations
And keep us in our proper stations."

The advertisement in the Examiner in 1842, "No. 169, Bridge Street," does not refer to a house number but to the number of the section on the map. It would be round about Mckays in Bridge Street.

After this there is silence as far as finding out the names of streets and I have read through countless Examiners up to 1850 to find only a few streets actually mentioned in advertisements. For example, on March 11th, 1843, a W. L. Shepherd, Solicitor, Sussex Place, and on April 8th, 1843, a jurors list including Thos. Marsden, Selwyn Street, Phillip Valle, Grove Street. from this we gather that street naming had been going on all the time and that now Sussex Place (Sussex Street), Selwyn Street (Selwyn Place) and Grove Street had now been named.