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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1966

Waimea Street (Weimea Street in the List):

Waimea Street (Weimea Street in the List):

This is the street we now call Rutherford Street. The road to the Waimeas led through this valley and it was natural to call the streets Waimea Street and Waimea Road but at the same time it was a little confusing. I suppose the Council were quite pleased to make the change to Rutherford Street. Waimea Street always ran from Ngatitama Street to Halifax Street as it does today but the lower end must have taken some building up above the tide and mud. In the last few years when the Public Works were laying foundations for their building next to the R.S.A. they found great difficulty in finding a solid rock to build on. Snow's Hill, where Waimea Road separates from Waimea (or Rutherford) Street is named after Wm. Snow, draughtsman, who came here in 1841.

In the second list of names three seem to have associations with Nelson—Burnham Thorpe, Santa Cruz Street and Bronte Street. Santa Cruz was the battle in the Canaries where Nelson lost an arm, and Burnham Thorpe was his birthplace but both these names fail to appear on the map.