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Nelson Historical Society Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1966

Bridge Street:

Bridge Street:

How did this street get its name? I believe it was one of Stephens' descriptive names for, right from the start of the settle-page 16ment, a bridge was seen to be a necessity over the Tideway, and Wakefield took steps towards building one. Even in 1841 labourers were at work on the causeway and although the bridge itself was not built until late in 1842 everyone knew that it was coming. It was logical to think that the road on the other side of the bridge would be Bridge Street. Unfortunately the Saltwater Bridge is in Haven Road and does not touch Bridge Street.

Some think that the street was named after Sir Cyprian Bridge, an admiral in the British Navy.

Of course, too, at the other end of Bridge Street is the bridge over the Maitai, at Tasman Street, the Normandy Bridge.