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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

The Christchurch Hospital

The Christchurch Hospital

Is situated at the junction of Oxford Terrace with the Riccarton and Lincoln roads; with a remarkably pleasant look-out over its own well-kept, large gardens and terraces, across a bend of the Avon shaded by weeping-willows, to the public gardens and park beyond. It was in 1862 that the old portion of the building was erected, but since then three large, lofty wards — separate buildings — connected by a wide corridor running in front, have been built; and the establishment now is more than equal to any demands that are likely to be made upon it, in ordinary times, for some years to come. It is intended to erect another building in the part of the grounds adjacent to the Acclimatisation Society's gardens, isolated from all the rest, as a fever ward. The internal arrangements of the Hospital are very good. The dispensary is large, convenient, and very well supplied with all requisites. The kitchen is large, and furnished with a range of great capacity; and, besides this, each ward has a small kitchen attached, fitted with appliances for keeping hot water, &c., that may be frequently required by the patients. In the rear of the buildings are stables, fowl-house, and a most commodious laundry. Water is laid on all over the premises from tanks supplied with artesian water, by means of rams. The Hospital is under the management of a Board, who perform their onerous duties very carefully and efficiently and thoroughly, gratuitously. The medical staff is chosen, from the profession in Christchurch. The Resident Surgeon is Dr. Robinson, who is very highly spoken of by patients for the care and consideration with which he attends to their cases.