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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

The Canterbury Society of Arts

The Canterbury Society of Arts.

This Society was founded in August, 1880, for promoting study in the Fine Arts, and for the periodical exhibition, in Christchurch, of original works of art. It consists of working and ordinary members, members of other art societies being deemed honorary members. Admission is by ballot, candidates for working membership having, in addition, to produce satisfactory evidence of artistic ability. The Society, though in a fairly prosperous financial condition, has not met with the success which might have been expected from those of the public outside the profession. The number of ordinary members is almost ridiculously small for a district like Canterbury, and even the attendance at the annual exhibitions is far below what might reasonably be expected as the minimum in a city the size of Christchurch, with its suburbs, and easy communication with country districts. The exhibitions have been very creditable indeed, and have proved conclusively that among our resident artists we have several who, as they become more generally known, will be highly appreciated, and that there are many young students growing up who, with increased advantage, will develope into artists of no mean calibre,