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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

The Clarendon Hotel

The Clarendon Hotel,

Of which Mr J. White Parsons is the landlord, is situated at the corner of Worcester-street and Oxford Terrace, immediately opposite the City Council Chambers, and in immediate proximity to Cathedral Square, the Museum, Public Library, the Collegiate establishments, and the Public Gardens. The building, one of the first erected in Christchurch, has a rather interesting history. It was built in the very early days of the settlement by Mr. Guise Brittan, as a residence for himself, and at that time was one of the land-marks in the place. The old Land Office—the first building put up in the city—was immediately opposite it, and for a long while these two stood there without another within a long distance of them. Even in these days the house would be considered by anyone large, so our readers can easily imagine what was thought of it in those first days when V huts and single-roomed shanties were the rule rather than the exception. That the rooms are commodious is shown by the fact that when Provincial Institutions were first established the Canterbury Provincial Council met in one of them, which has remained intact till now, and a visitor can, if he choose, occupy the same apartment in which some of the first work of legislation in Canterbury was done, and the first foundations laid of our present importance and prosperity. It was not till many years later that the house became a hotel, for which it is admirably suited. We might mention that three of the page 227first gum-trees planted in Canterbury are still to be seen flourishing in the garden. The private entrance of the house is through a large garden from Worcester-street, and is particularly quiet and respectable, having, indeed, none of the ordinary hotel appearance, but quite that of a private house. The accommodation is extensive, and well-known by travellers and residents, the fact of its central position, yet quiet locality, rendering it very suitable for families and ladies. The charges are very reasonable considering the high class in which the hotel ranks, and we need not say that everything connected with the house is of the best.