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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

Photographic Studio

Photographic Studio.

Mr. Henry Chatteris's studio, at 218, High street, opposite the Triangle, is one of the places in Christchurch which it is worth a visitor's while to visit. Mr. Chatteris was formerly in Mr. J. E. Mayall's studio in London, and there gained the experience which enables him to produce the beautiful specimens of photographic art in portrait and scenery with which the walls and show-cases of his studio abound. His suite of rooms comprise handsomely-furnished waiting and ante-rooms, the studio (33 feet by 18 feet), a dark room, a printing room, and an office. For his pictures he uses the new dried plates, and his rooms are filled with all the most improved latest appliances for taking and printing pictures. He makes a page 222specialty of his enlargement of portraits by a new process, and certainly, judging by the specimens of his work which adorn his rooms—one of the late Rev. Mr. Buller in particular,—his success in this direction seems to be very great. Another kind of work to which he gives special attention is portraits on porcelain, coloured for hanging against windows which thereby act as beautifully soft transparencies. Mr. Chatteris has also introduced small miniature photographs, admirably adapted for portraits of children, and these are done at a remarkably low figure. One thing cannot but strike the visitor to Mr. Chatteris's rooms, namely, that the work which he turns out is all of a first-class kind, and that to the minutest details he shows considerable taste and skill in the way in which his photographs are finished and mounted.