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Illustrated Guide to Christchurch and Neighbourhood

Messrs Andrews and Beaven

Messrs Andrews and Beaven,

Whose chaff-cutters are well known from Auckland to Invercargill, wherever large quantities of well-prepared feed is required, commenced business in 1878. Their works are situated on the South Belt, directly opposite the Lyttelton platform of the Christchurch Railway Station, and are one of the first manufactories of our city to meet the eye of the new arrival.

The main shop occupies 55 feet frontage on the Belt, and consists of a lofty main building, with lower additions on each side. The centre is used for erecting the various machines, and here chaff-cutters of all sizes, from the hand power machine, cutting a few bags per hour, up to the grand Australasian, capable of pressing two tons per hour of fine cut chaff into bags, are to be found in all stages of manufacture. A travelling crane commands every part of this portion of the works.

One side building is devoted to iron, and here are to be found all those tools which so deftly and, apparently easily, perform those operations which enable iron to be treated as if it were page 171wood. Lathes of various sizes, radial and other drilling machines, a screwing machine, emery grinder, &c., tools that are found in every well regulated engineer's establishment, are here noticed, and, in addition, special tools designed by the proprietors for their special class of work. An American slotting machine and a larger lathe have also been started. The fitters' benches are also placed here, so that all the iron work is delivered into the centre of the main shop just ready to be placed in position on the frames, which are made in the opposite side building, which is devoted to the carpenters' and wood work generally.

At the present end of the main building are the stores, where the hundred and one items required in a manufacturer's business are kept in stock; here are stacks of chaff knives, casks of bolts and nuts, paints, oils, and varnishes of every description. The smiths' and paint shops are at the bottom of the yard, the remainder of which is pretty well filled with stacks of timber in process of seasoning. Andrews and Beaven do not do their own founding, but adopt the system of the New Zealand Railways, and obtain their castings by contract from a foundry in the city. In a yard fronting on the Belt alongside the works are specimens of the only implement this firm, who originally started as importers, now obtain from England. This is the Anglo-American drill, the amount of manual labour in these implements prohibiting their manufacture in the colony.

In chaff-cutters, this firm has originated and fully worked out a complete revolution in this class or machinery. They have succeeded in making a portable machine that will not only cut, but also clean and press into bags nearly double the weight that can be put in by manual labour, doing this at the rate of two tons. page 172per hour. But whilst manufacturing these large machines for squatters, large proprietors, and those who make a business of chaff-cutting, they have not forgotten the farmer, who can find nine different sizes, each size capable of being fitted with labour-saving appliances to suit each purchaser's individual requirements.

In. addition to their chaff-cutters, this firm turn out every year a large number of horse gears of various descriptions, in six different sizes, and their patent automatic and self-regulating corn crusher is attracting considerable attention. To these three machines and straw elevators the whole attention of the firm is directed.