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The New Zealand Evangelist

Swearing Ingeniously Reproved.—

Swearing Ingeniously Reproved.—

An officer of the Army, much addicted to profane swearing, was once involved in a street brawl with some of the lowest class at Newcastle. The altercation was earried on with a plentiful supply of impious oaths on either side, when a Scottish Minister who was passing at the time, page 165 shocked at the profanity, thus addressed one of the leaders of the rabble:—“Oh, John, John! what is this I hear? You only a poor collier boy, and swearing like any lord in the land! O, John, have you no fear of what will become of you? It may do very well for this gallant gentleman, (pointing to the Lieutenant) to bang and swear as he pleases; but you—you John, it is not for you, or the like of you to take in vain the name of Him in whom you live and have your being.” Then turning to the Lieutenant, he continued, “you'll excuse the poor man, Sir, for he is an ignorant body, and kens nan better.” The officer shrunk away in confusion unable to make any reply. But the ingenious reproof had its desired effecl, for he became ever after an example of correct language.