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The New Zealand Evangelist

Canton De Vaud

Canton De Vaud.

The persecution in this Canton had reached such a height, that not only public but private meetings for religious worship were interdicted. By our latest accounts, however, a slight re-action had taken place; the persecuting law had been repealed, but full powers had been granted to the Executive for the next fifteen-months, so that the Evangelical Dissenters of all classes are still completely in the hands of men, whose tender mercies have hitherto been cruelty. Several meetings have been broken up, and pastors separated from their flocks. Their situation calls for our sympathy page 90 and prayers. But, though persecuted, they are not forsaken by their Master; and, sooner or later, they will come forth from the furnace like silver seven times parified. Their own Theodore Beza said, "The Church of Christ is an anvil that has broken many hammers.” The bush burns but is not consumed, because God is in the bush.