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The New Zealand Evangelist



This settlement is interesting in several respects; there is not the bustle and excitement that we see in the Towns of Auckland and Wellington, but there is an air of comfort about the place which we do not see there, it has more of the English air about it. The climate is delightful, the land fruitful, and if the inhabitants are not making haste to be rich, they are nevertheless doing very well.

In religious and educational efforts the place is certainly not behind the other settlements in the colony. There are two Episcopalian Ministers, one Wesleyan, and one German Minister actively employed in their respective spheres, and now the wants and wishes of the Presbyterian portions of the community will be met by the appointment of Mr. Nicholson, Free Church Minister. There are several churches in the District, one of them a very page 48 picturesque object to English eyes, and several chapels; religious services are also held in School-houses, of which there is no lack, thanks to the philanthropic efforts principally of one man, whose name we shall not offend by mentioning. The District is better supplied with the means of a common education than any other in the country. The Sabbath Schools are numerous, and apparently well conducted; one of the best buildings in Nelson is used for that purpose.

If the young people of that District grow up in ignorance of the useful arts of reading and writing, it will reflect disgrace upon their parents or upon themselves, for the School Society, the Episcopalians, and Wesleyans, are all exerting themselves to promote the education of youth. The Wesleyans have lately formed an Auxiliary Missionary Society, which promises to be fruitful, and if every man does his duty will be so. All sects appear to be represented in this district; but it is to hoped all anger and malice and all uncharitableness will be put away, and that the truly spiritual among them will be found wearing that bond of perfectness which is charity, then will righteousness flourish, and it we are told exalteth a nation. Success then in all things (especially in the best) to Nelson.—Amen,