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The Old Whaling Days

Monday, 2nd May

Monday, 2nd May.

Commences weather fine at 3 boats returned saw nothing this afternoon I saw with disgust the manner these Natives live or rather exist—in an enclosure containing 9 huts each of which had but one side and the two ends thatched the other side entirely open some facing one way some another to screen them from the wind in whatever direction it might blow. in one I observed 4 sows 2 with litters of Pigs 2 boars 5 dogs a bitch with 5 large pups Sucking, a woman asleep on a mat another scraping raw potatoes to boil another suckling a young child 2 other women sitting on a mat deliberately picking the vermin from their shoulder mats and the men nearly all asleep on the damp ground with nothing under them page 439 but their mats. Accordingly as might be expected tho inured to it from their infancy they all have a bad cold and accompanied with a cough such a miserable set of Natives I never before witnessed and to these disgraces of humanity we must pay tribute in shape of presents! Shame! Latter calm 3 boats out Arrived and anchored below Barque Vermont Poughkeepsie 600 Coopers Employed as usual Went on Shore and got 7 Altitudes to ascertain the Rate of the Chronometer.