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Historical Records of New Zealand Vol. II.


The story of Captain Stewart and the brig “Elizabeth” has often been told, and, amongst a long list of brutalities inflicted by sea captains upon the Natives of New Zealand, has always been given pride of place for brutality.

The “Elizabeth” was a brig of 236 tons, and was commanded by John Stewart, of Southtown in Suffolk, one of her owners. On 19th August, 1830, she sailed from Sydney, and put into Whangaroa before making for Kapiti Island, the Headquarters of Te Rauparaha and Te Hiko. On her arrival she was chartered by the former, and sailed on 29th October, with a party of his fighting men, to wage war against Tamaiharanui, the Akaroa chief who had slain Te Pehi Kupe, the father of Te Hiko, when associated with Te Rauparaha in a former Expedition.

The papers published herein deal with the events which followed the arrival of the “Elizabeth” at Akaroa, and they were found by the Editor amongst the New South Wales Papers of 1831 and 1832 in the Record Office in London.