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Historical Records of New Zealand

Woolwich, 20th Nov., 1823

Woolwich, 20th Nov., 1823.


Herewith I have the honor to enclose for your information a tender made by Wm. Law Ogilvy Esqre. for the transport of the proposed military colony to New Zealand. Mr. Ogilvy has authorised me to say that no difficulty will exist as to the procuration of the sum contained in my estimate No. 5, and he will do himself the honor of waiting on you and giving you personal assurance thereof when you are at leisure to receive him. I have also to acquaint you that I am ordered to proceed to Portsmouth and embark in H.M. ship Victor for a passage to my command at Ascension. I must be there on Wednesday next. I shall have the honor of calling at the office in Downing St. on Monday to await any further orders you may have to give, but Mr. Ogilvy and myself will be ready at your call at any period between this and Monday.

I have, &c.,

Edward Nicolls,