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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. S. Marsden to Governor Macquarie

Rev. S. Marsden to Governor Macquarie.

Dromedary, April 15th, 1820.


Had Captain Skinner visited the River Thames I should have embraced the opportunity of returning to my duty by the General Gates. After the Dromedary returns from the River should an opportunity offer it is my intention to leave New Zealand. Captain Skinner and the Rev. J. Mullen will have communicated to Your Excellency all the particulars relative to the convicts which were taken away in the General Gates from Sydney. Some of them I saw when we had got to sea, and on my return reported them to Mr. Hutchinson, Superin- page 485 tendent. There were five I knew nothing of. When we sailed it appeared singular that no constables came to search the General Gates after the gentlemen for New Zealand had embarked, which was the evening before. I saw the boat with the constables in as they appeared to me in the harbour, and expected them on board to search, but they did not come. If they had, the convicts were then on board, as no persons nor boats came after I was in the vessel but the naval officer’s boat. I did not see one convict till we were some time at sea that I knew.

I have, &c.,

Saml. Marsden

His Excellency Governor Macquarie, &c., &c.