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Historical Records of New Zealand

Capt. J. Nicholson to Commissioner Bigge

Capt. J. Nicholson to Commissioner Bigge.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand, March 11th, 1820.


Feelings of pleasure, combined with a sense of the duty I owe, induces me to write you a few lines after a voyage of 32 days, during which period we had to contend with strong easterly winds. We arrived here on the 7th inst. To my mortification I found the Dromadary and Prince Regent here, having arrived several days before me. I have been very kindly treated by Capt. Skinner, of the Dromadary, with whom, in company with his lady and a few of his officers, I visited the new missionary settlement in the Regent a few days ago. The name of the place is Kidikidi; it is certainly an extended level plain of country, and were the Natives as kind and desirous as those good people seem willing and anxious, I believe they would accomplish their designs. English blood boils to see the indignities the natives shew to the missionaries who live among them, and to us they are unbearably insulting; and were it not for a regard to those who live among them, I hesitate not to affirm that they would meet with severe repulse from persons from whom they now receive civility. Powder and musquets are the only things for which they care. It looks dubious to me if the Dromedary will not return as she came. I hope to proceed on my voyage to-morrow, and hope if possible to visit the colony before you depart for England. If this should not be the case, I know I shall be borne on your mind, while I have the honor of subscribing myself your most

Obedient humble servt.,

Jno. Nicholson.

The Hon. the Commissioner of Enquiry.