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Historical Records of New Zealand

New Zealand Hemp. To Mr. James Birnie

New Zealand Hemp. To Mr. James Birnie.

Proposals of agreement to be entered into by the partys here named the one finding principal of money and evrey other requisite ships or vessels of such description as may be required men provishons &c. and such machinere has may be wanted to carrey into efect a hemp manufactory at New Zealand and to export the hemp to Port Jackson, England or such ports as may seeme most advantageous to the partys concerned for 7 years page 467 and has the above hemp manufactory will prove advantageous to the partys concerned and renders grate assistance to this colnoey by a general suply of cordage of evrey discription in a few months and large cargos of hemp may be exported in twelve or eighteen months at most, wich most likely wold meet with some incuragement by Government has grate atention has been paid to it and no method discovered to manufacture it at any moderate expence ontell the person here named Rt Williams have discovered a method and entering into agreement and bond for seven years to put the above method into exercution and on the fowling conditions:—

That a certain sum shall be aplied to that perpos and permishon from His Excelence I will engage to go to New Zealand and make use of such arts and discovery that I ham in persession of to the best advantage of the concern and remain at New Zeland till such times the buissness there can be conducted with out me wich in three months I think may be done I will then return to Port Jackson and establish a rope and cordage manufactorey at the expence of the partys I ingaged with wich manufactorey I will superintend and direct the makeing of as much rope and cordage as shall suply this colonni by a suply of hemp from the concern I ingage with, and for such discovery arts and services, I will engage for the term of seven years, on the twentyth day of the general concern, the party I engage with supporting me with provishons, and logings has comfortable has circumstances will admit, while on the passage to and from New Zeland and as long it shall be tought adviseable to remain there, and that I shall not be left at New Zeland with out a proper vessel remaining on the spot, unless by mutual agreement in wrighting under certain bonds which shall be afixed at a proper time but on my return to Port Jackson I will keep myself at my hone expence by receiving from the concern such supplys of mones or goods has shall be reasonable for the suport of my selfe and wife the same being chargeable to my account till a return from the general concern shall be sufichent for a reasonable subsistance.

If the above terms are not a grable I will popose the fowling:—

Viz. I will procced to New Zeland under the same proposals of liveing on the expedition but instead of a lay I will receive two hundred and fifty pounds sterling in the fowling way. Under this restricktion if my plan of machinerey method and principal of working his deemed youceless and of know value to the concern and such being pronounced by proper persons apointed by both partys to examen such pice of machinere I will produce a complete model of which I will put in acttual mothian upon a deminative scale and at the same time discribe page 468 such process has shall be required to put the hemp in a proper and paractable state for a regular bred rope maker to perform his work in such methods that are made youce of in London on the none performence of such statements my agreement shall be nul and void.

But if my method be condend the parties shall bind them selves in a bond and penalty of £1,000 sterlg. not to engage men to asist anney others on or under the same plan or princecipal of operation for the space of seven years but should the method be aproved the £250 required shall be rendered as follows one £150 six days prior to sailing of the vessel employed and on the return should the partys conceive it a prosperous undertaken I will then decline aney further clame at New Zeland on this principal I will have a privelige of carraing on a rope walk on my own account and then receive £100 wich sum will be required to complete a rope walk, and then as much hemp has I can make youce of in the colonny at £30 per ton or at ten per cent less then such shall sell for in London the said hemp to be paid for one half in 3 months and the other in 6 months then I will suply the real concern with what rope and cordage they may want for their colonial vessels at ten per cent from prime cost of hemp to me and the expence of workmanship and has a suply of tar will be wanted I will suply cordage at prime cost on condishons of receiveing tar at prime cost and the expence of frate-age this for the term of seven years but on the return of the first vessel if it shall be determined to give up the bissiness finding it will not answer I will not expect the last £100 but refund back £50 out of the £150 recd. in six months after my arrival in Port Jackson by working in my perfeshon and such goods I may have disposed of.

Thirdly I being under sentence of the law the partys engaged with shall do thear endavour to gain a maidagation by petion the Governor or such way they may have in thiar power to request it with perprity ether in this colonany or England.

The 150 required is to discharg Capt. Robinsons account with Mr. Jones and the remain for subsistance for my wife which will require nothing further till I return should this engagement be sanctioned and any premium or advantage privilage or otherwise be given each party concerned to share equally in the advantage.

[Agreement put aside.]