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Historical Records of New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand.

Query: Is New Zeeland attached to or considered as part of the Government of New S. Wales?

2dly. Would not the Northern Island of New Zeeland be a much preferable situation for a colony than any part of the coast of New South Wales that we are yet acquainted with?

The northern isle extends from 34° 20′ S. to 41° 36″ S., a distance nort. and south of 436 miles, affording a great diversity of climate, and equal to produce grain of every description.

The southern isle is seperated from the northern by Cooke’s Streights, and extends itself from Cape Farewell, in 40° 30′ S., to Cape, in 47° 20′ S., a distance of 390 miles, in a climate the most temperate in the world when cleared of its immense forests of valuable timber.

On the coasts of these islands the whale and seale fishery may be carried on to any extent, and the preparation for boiling and page 293 curing all done on the shore. By this means the whalers would have no occasion to touch at Port Jackson for supplies and refreshments, nor would the convicts have such opportunities of making their escape.

The natives of New Zealand are a very different race of men to those of New South Wales; they are of a different colour, athletic, muscular men, arising no doubt from the superior nature of the soil and its productions. The sea also furnishes great quantities of superior fish of every description, and the forest timber is reported excellent. The spars for masts and yards are cut down upon these islands and carried to China where they fetch a very high price. Hemp and flax can be produced in any quantity, and the southern parts of the South Island the wool might be improved equal to the best in Europe.