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Historical Records of New Zealand

Sydney, March 9, 1814

Sydney, March 9, 1814.


You will proceed with all possible dispatch to the River Derwent with the Active, brig, and deliver the stores on board to the person authorized there to receive them. After you have discharged the present cargo, you will then, with as little delay as possible, sail to the Bay of Islands, on the coast of New Zealand. On your arrival, you will open a friendly intercourse with the natives, particularly with Duaterra, Garra, Cowheetu, Coro Coro, and any other chief that may promote the object of the voyage.

The main object of this voyage is to promote a friendly intercourse with the natives of New Zealand. You will do all you can to prevent any quarrel between the natives and the ship’s company. If Duaterra, or any other chiefs, wish to come to Port Jackson, you will receive them on board when you finally leave the island. Or if they wish to send any of their children to be instructed, or a young native or two, these you may bring. I wish the natives to be treated with the greatest kindness while you are there, and everything to be done, that can be done with prudence, to gain their confidence. You will inform them that it is my intention to visit them when the vessel returns; and that I wish a chief to come over to Port Jackson, in order that I may enter into some arrangements with him for their benefit.

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With respect to the articles which you may bring back in the vessel, these must depend upon circumstances. I should wish you to bring as much hemp as you possibly can, and such spars and timber as you may, with Mr. Hall, judge valuable; pork, if it is to be obtained, and salt fish: rosin, or any other natural productions. I wish you to fill up with potatoes. They had better be kept in the baskets in which the natives bring them, as I think they will keep better that way.

On the Sabbath Day I wish Mr. Kendall to read on board, when the weather will permit, the prayers of the Church; and when you arrive at New Zealand, I desire that you will be very particular in the observance of the Sabbath Day not to buy nor sell any thing on that day, but all the sailors to be clean and do no work.

Messrs. Hall and Kendall will do all they can to procure a cargo for the vessel, toward defraying the expenses, along with you; and I hope you will shew every attention to them, and make their situation as comfortable as possible. Should Mr. Kendall and Mr. Hall wish to remain a few days longer when the vessel is ready, you will be good enough to allow them to do so: in order that they may form any plan for their future settlement at New Zealand, or gain any information respecting the island for the future guidance of the Church Missionary Society.