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Historical Records of New Zealand

Governor Macquarie To Viscount Castlereagh

Governor Macquarie To Viscount Castlereagh.

Sydney, New South Wales, 30th April, 1810.

My Lord,—

* * * *

66. In my last despatch I did myself the honor to inform your Lordship of the capture and destruction of the ship Boyd, bound from hence to England, and which had touched at New Zealand, where she was treacherously seized, and the whole of her crew and passengers (with the exception of two or three) page 305 most cruelly massacred by the natives of that country, headed by their chief, Tip-pa-hee. These melancholy accounts have been since confirmed beyond a doubt by other vessels that have touched at New Zealand, and I now do myself the honor to enclose* your Lordship the copies of papers containing a more circumstantial account of this event than the one I formerly transmitted to your Lordship. It will be necessary that the South Sea whalers, and other ships trading in the South Seas, should be apprized of this melancholy event, in order that they may be more vigilant and on their guard against a similar act of treachery when they may have occasion to touch at these islands.

* The enclosure (a reprint from the Sydney Gazette) is omitted. The statements on which it was framed are given at length, ante, pp. 293, 295, 298, and 299.