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Historical Records of New Zealand

Government and General Order

Government and General Order.

26th May, 1805.

The master of the Policy, South Sea whaler, having, in defiance of the Port Regulations, gone from hence without taking a regular clearance, or giving the necessary bond for the delivery of the cargo he took in at this place for the port of London, all ships, or vessels of every nation, are hereby ordered to comply with the regulations of the Port Orders on that behalf; and vessels attempting to pass the Sow and Pigs without showing the Naval Officers Signal of the ship or vessel being cleared, will be fired on with shot from the battery on George’s Head, for which purpose the guns are shotted, and the necessary orders given to the guard on duty at that post.

Whereas a number [of] Otaheitans and Sandwich Islanders have been brought from Otaheite by the Harrington, letter of marque, and two Spanish prizes she took out of the Ports of Coquimbo and Caldera, for the purpose of manning them, and several New Zealanders being brought here and left by South Sea whalers from the east coast of that island; and it being intended by the persons who have hitherto been allowed to frequent the islands in Bass’s Straits to send some of these credulous people to that place where their treatment and return are very suspicious and doubtful; and it being of the utmost consequence to the interest and safety of Europeans frequenting those seas, and more particularly the South Sea whalers, that these people should suffer no illtreatment, page 258 but, on the contrary, experience every kindness until they can return to their native country;—it is, therefore, hereby strictly forbid sending any Otaheitan, Sandwich Islander, or New Zealander from this settlement to any island or other part of this coast on any sealing or other voyage, or to any place to the eastward of Cape Horn.

All masters of ships, foreign as well as English, are hereby forbid taking away any such Otaheitan, Sandwich Islander, or New Zealander from hence without the Governor’s permission in writing, which will not be given unless with a certainty of the masters taking them to the islands they belong to.

During their stay here, those whose service they are employed in are not to beat or illuse them; but if their employers, or those who brought them to this Colony, are not able to maintain and employ them, they are to report it to the Governor, who will take measures for their employment and maintenance until they can be sent home.

And it is to be clearly understood that all such Otaheitans, &c., are protected in their properties, claims for wages, and the same redress as any of His Majesty’s subjects.