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Historical Records of New Zealand


* * * *

As Mr. McArthur has fixed his establishment in the neighbourhood of the country where the herds of cattle resort, he has made an offer of catching and taming the great number of overplus bulls there are in those herds, and that are chased out by the master bulls, provided he could have the labour of twenty men for that purpose, victualled at the public expence, and to have for his trouble one out of three bulls that he may take. This is a measure I should most willingly consider of, but unfortunately the want of labourers at present at public work prevents my closing with his proposals, which I shall consider and most probably consent to when more convicts arrive—the want of which is much felt in our agricultural and other concerns, page 260 both public and private, on account of the numbers employed in the fisheries, those whose terms are expired, and the number sent to the new settlements, all which will be more particularly detailed in my letters by the Sydney.

Philip Gidley King.