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Historical Records of New Zealand

Captain Nepean’s Instructions

Captain Nepean’s Instructions.

Whereas I judge it expedient and necessary for the good of his Majesty’s service to proceed to Knuckle Point, in New Zealand, in the Britannia, transport, to land the two natives of that country, and to make such cursory observations on that part of the island and the inhabitants as it is necessary that his Majesty’s Ministers should be made acquainted with by you:

And as it is necessary that a sufficient number of officers belonging to the New South Wales Corps should remain on the island to order and compose regimental courts-martial:

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You are hereby required and directed to take upon you the charge and command of the settlements on this island by doing and performing all and all manner of things thereunto belonging agreeable to the tenor of his Majesty’s Commission appointing me Lieutenant-Governor of this island (a copy of which you have received), and you will herewith receive all such orders as have been, or which have not been executed, and you are to follow such orders and instructions as you may (during my absence) receive from his Majesty’s Governor, or Lieutenant - Governor of the territory of New South Wales in his absence, or other your superior officer.

Given under my hand, at Government House, at Sydney, on Norfolk Island, this seventh day of November, 1793.

Philip Gidley King.

Knuckle Point, the northern headland of Doubtless Bay.