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Historical Records of New Zealand

Rev. D. Coates to Viscount Goderich

Rev. D. Coates to Viscount Goderich.

Church Missionary House, Salisbury Square, May 31, 1827.

My Lord,—

I am directed by the Committee of the Church Missionary Society respectfully to request that Your Lordship will have the kindness to grant passages to New South Wales to the Rev. William Yate and Mr. Charles Baker and Mrs. Baker on board the Sovereign or the John (convict ship), both of which the Committee are informed have been taken up by His Majesty’s Government, and are likely to sail f[rom] the river about the middle of June. The Rev. Wm. Yate is proceeding as a missionary from the Church Missionary Society to New Zealand, and Mr. Baker is going out in the same mission in the capacity of a catechist. Should Your Lordship approve of it, Mr. Yate will very gladly perform the duties of chaplain during the voyage.

I am also directed to request a grant of tonnage for twenty tons of stores for the use of the Church Missionary Society’s mission in New Zealand on board the same ship in which Mr. Yate and Mr. Baker may go out. The stores in question are designed exclusively for the objects of the mission.

I have, &c.,

Dandeson Coates,

Asst. Sec., C.M.S. The Right Honourable Lord Viscount Goderich, &c., &c.