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Historical Records of New Zealand

Secretary Hay to Secretary Harrison

Secretary Hay to Secretary Harrison.

Downing Street, 14th Oct., 1825.


With reference to Mr. Wilmot Horton’s letter of the 6th May last, stating the arrangement which Lord Bathurst had recommended should be adopted for the purpose of remunerating Captain Reynolds for the expenses incurred by him in the support of the New Zealand chief during his residence in this country, I am directed by His Lordship to acquaint you that previously to his embarking for his native country the chief was supplied with various implements of husbandry, carpenters’ tools, wearing apparel, and other articles which it was thought desirable that he should be provided with.

I am therefore to request that you will acquaint the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury that Lord Bathurst, in consideration of the advantages which may reasonably be expected to accrue from the liberal treatment which the chief has thus experienced, is induced to recommend that the sum of two hundred pounds should be paid to Captain Reynolds in reimbursement of the expenses which have been incurred by him on account of the chief, including a gratuity to the amount of £48 which His Lordship is of opinion should be given to Captain Reynolds in remuneration for the trouble to which he has been subjected in taking charge of that person.

I am, &c.,

G. Harrison, Esqr.R. W. Hay.