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Historical Records of New Zealand


1 chest of So. Sea Islands cloth, breast-plates, and New Zeland clothes; 1 long box, or So. Sea Island chest, of sundry small articles; 1 cask’qt, a small carved box from New Zeland, full of several small articles from the same place; 1 drum, 1 wooden tray, 5 pillows, 2 scoops, 2 stone and 2 wooden axes, 2 cloth-beaters, 1 fish-hook, 3 carved images, and 8 paste-beaters, all from the So. Sea Islands; 5 wooden, 3 bone, and 4 stone patta pattows, and 5 buga bugaes, from New Zeland; 1 bundle of New Zeland weapons; 1 bundle of So. Sea Islands weapons; 1 bundle of New Holland fish gigs; 1 bundle of a head ornament worn at the Heivas at Ulietea.