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Grammar of the New Zealand Language

Of Comparison

Of Comparison.

  • Meatia, or peneitia, do it thus,

  • Meatia, or penatia do it in that manner.

  • Meatia, or peratia do it in that manner.

  • Penei, kua ora, thus, (in that case, if that had been done) he would have been saved.

  • Koia ano tena, exactly so.

  • Me mahi motuhake, work separately.

  • Haere ana ia, ko tona kotahi, he went by himself, alone.

  • Waihoki, likewise, also.

  • Ano kua mate, as though he were dead.

  • Mo te mea, &c. (Waikato) idem.

  • Koia ano kei te wai, exactly as if it were water.

  • Haere a parera, walk like a duck.*

  • Kia wakatangata nui, act manfully.

  • Wakatupu tangata, idem.

* Some foreigners, we observe, give this adverb a more extensive meaning than we have allowed it. In such phrases, for example, as the following; “Held by the hand,” “built by the hand,” &c., they would say “purutia a ringaringatia,” “hanga a ringaringa.” We are, however, decidedly of opinion that such expressions are very rare in genuine Maori. “Purutia ringaringatia, hanga a it ringa,” are, we consider, in every way preferabl