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Bliss and Other Stories


Ah, but how intriguing it was—how intriguing ! Their excitement came nearer and nearer to me, while I ran out to meet it, bathed in it, flung myself page 100far out of my depth, until at last I was as hard put to it to keep control as they.

But what I wanted to do was to behave in the most extraordinary fashion—like a clown. To start singing, with large extravagant gestures, to point out of the window and cry : " We are now passing, ladies and gentlemen, one of the sights for which noire Paris is justly famous," to jump out of the taxi while it was going, climb over the roof and dive in by another door ; to hang out of the window and look for the hotel through the wrong end of a broken telescope, which was also a peculiarly ear-splitting trumpet.

I watched myself do all this, you understand, and even managed to applaud in a private way by putting my gloved hands gently together, while I said to Mouse : " And is this your first visit to Paris ? "

" Yes, I've not been here before." " Ah, then you have a great deal to see." And I was just going to touch lightly upon the objects of interest and the museums when we wrenched to a stop.