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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.



No. of series Date. Writer. To whom Addressed. Subject.
1 Mar. 21, 1868 I. N. Watt, Esq. The Hon. Native Minister Inquiring whether the £2000, part purchase money of Stewart's Island, or the interest on it, is available for Educational purposes.
2 April 2, 1868 Under Secretary, Native Department I. N. Watts, Esq. Acknowledging letter of the 21st March, and directing him to take steps to secure a tenant for 2000 acres of land.
3 April 6, 1868 H. T. Clarke, Esq. Memorandum on Mr. Watts's letter of the 21st March, respecting the right of the Otago Natives to share in the proceeds accruing from the £2000 retained out of the purchase money of Stewart's Island.
4 Oct. 19, 1868 I. N. Watt, Esq. The Native Minister Enclosing a letter from Mr. Kingswell, offering terms for the occupation of the land selected in terms of the Stewart's Island Purchase.
6 Nov. 2, 1862 Enclosing copy of a letter received from Commissioner of Crown Lands, Southland.
6& 6a Nov. 25 and 26, 1868 Memorandum by the Hon. J. C. Richmond, and the Attorney-General on the mode of dealing with the the lands chosen.
7 May 15, 1870 Major Heaphy The Under Secretary Enclosing a plan of the land chosen, and recommending that steps should be taken to legalize the occupation.
8 May 31, 1870 Memorandum by the Attorney-General as to the proper mode of dealing with the case.
9 Order in Council proclaiming the land to be subject to the provisions of "The Native Reserves Act, 1856."
10 June 25, 1870 Mr. W. B. Kingswell The Under Secretary Stating that he has been debarred, by local circumstances, from occupying the 2000 acre Block; and asking that a lease should be granted to him to prevent further difficulties.
11 June 28, 1870 Mr. W. B. Kingswell G. S. Cooper, Esq. Adverting to his previous letter, and urging a reduction in the rental in consequence of non-possession.
12 Sept. 5, 1870 The Under Secretary Mr. W. B. Kingswell Acknowledging letters, and stating that a lease will be executed upon the terms originally agreed on, but that the Government have no desire to hold him to his bargain.