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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.

1862. — No. 42. — The Native Lands Act, 1862

No. 42.
The Native Lands Act, 1862.

"An Act to provide for the ascertainment of the Ownership of Native Lands, and for granting Certificates of Title thereto, and for regulating the disposal of Native Lands and for other purposes."

[Reserved for the signification of Her Majesty's pleasure thereon, 15 September, 1862.]


1.Short Title.
2.Title by Native Custom to be recognized.
3.Proviso as to such recognition by Courts of Judicature.
4.Governor may establish Courts to ascertain Native Title.
5.Courts to be presided over by Europeans.
6.Governor may make Rules for Courts.
7.Courts to ascertain and define Native ownership.
8.Governor may confirm proceedings of Courts.
9.Governor may make Reserves and Settlements for benefit of Native owners.
10.And may make such Reserves inalienable.
11.Copies of Grants, &c., to be sent to President.
12.Court to issue Certificate of Title.
13.Land to be surveyed before Certificates issued.
14.Certificates to be conclusive as to ownership.
15.Governor may sign Certificates and affix Public Seal
16.Rules may be made for registration of Certificates and Transfers.
17.Persons named in Certificate may dispose of Lands described therein.
18.Governor may issue Grants in exchange for Certificates.
19.Duties to be paid on the sale of lands.
20.Mode of sub-dividing Tribal rights.
21.Governor may at request of Tribes make Regulations and plans of Settlement of Native Lands.
22.Regulations so made to be valid.
23.In such Regulations Reserves may be made for public purposes.
24.Grants, &c., may be made for giving effect to such Regulations.
25.Regulations may provide for the raising of money for public objects.
26.Custody of money so raised.
27.Reserves may be made for public roads.
28.Surveys may be made at request of Natives.
29.Persons not to be liable to penalties for purchase, &c., after Certificate issued.
30.Contracts before Certificates issued to be void.
31."Manawatu Block" excepted from the operation of this Act.
32.Pending agreements for Casaion of Territory to be completed.
33.Act not to interfere with Land Claims Act.
34.Act not to interfere with acquisition of land by Her Majesty.
35.Interpretation of term "Native Lands."
36.Act to come into operation in Districts proclaimed by Governor.
37.Act reserved for the Queen's assent. Schedule.