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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.

No. 3. — The Native Secretary, to C. H. Brown, Esq

No. 3.
The Native Secretary, to C. H. Brown, Esq.

Native Ministers Department, Wellington,

April 8th, 1865.


I do myself the honour by direction of the Minister for Native affairs, to forward herewith for your information and guidance, a tracing showing the sub-divisional survey of the Kaiapoi reserve, Province of Canterbury. I am further directed to call your attention to the following points:—
(1.)The portions tinted in pink are set apart for the Moeraki claimants, and will be managed by you as follows:—

Block No. 1.—Owing to the position-value of this land, it is considered desirable to cut it up into blocks of five acres each, and to submit it to public competition.

To enable you to do this, it will be necessary for you to get the assent of the Moeraki Natives (in form prescribed) to its being brought under the provisions of "The Native Reserves Act, 1856." You will be good enough to report to Government your own views as to the most advantageous mode of administering this property.

Block No. 2.—About 52 acres, will be equally divided between John Topi Patuki and Matiaha Tiramorehu.

Block No. 3.—Is set apart for the general benefit of the Moeraki claimants. You will however receive a further communication on this subject. If any of the timber be still standing on this block, it will of course be appropriated by the allottees under the arrangements of 1861-62.

(2).The blocks tinted green are intended to be reserved for the benefit of the Kaiapoi Natives generally. You will observe that in the southern arm of the reserve, the green tint is shaded off on the eastern side, so as to leave no defined edge. You will be good enough to remember that the limit of the reserve on that side is not yet definitively fixed. The boundary was originally described as "the foot of the sandhills," but the position thereof as laid down in the Provincial survey seems to differ from that represented in Mr. Wills's sketch map. The determination therefore of this boundary must be left in abeyance for the present.
(3).The proposed new roads indicated by the yellow tints will be necessary, in order to secure frontage to the block now set apart for the benefit of the Moeraki people.

You will have the goodness to explain to the owners of Sections 45 and 56, the alterations in the shape of their respective parcels, as occasioned by the present diversion, and to inform them that Crown grants will be prepared accordingly.

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As the portions marked with an asterisk will be added to the allotments to which they adjoin, the grantees will not suffer, but rather gain by the proposed alteration in the shape and position of their respective parcels.

As it appears that one of the grantees of Section 44 has died since the partition of the reserve, you will have the goodness (after consulting the Natives), to advise the Government as to the best course to be adopted in respect to that Section, bearing in mind that the extent and shape of this allotment will be somewhat affected by the award to the Moeraki claimants, and the proposed road frontage thereto.

For full particulars as to the partition and allotment of the remaining portion of the reserve, I am directed to refer you to Mr. Buller's final report (Sessional Papers, E., No. 5, 1862).

Finally, I am directed to request that you will make provision for the fifteen claimants named in Section 8 of Mr. Buller's report out of the open block, abutting on the School and Tuahiwi road, and marked No. 4 on the tracing; acreage: about 168 acres.

I have, &c.,

H. Halse,
Acting Native Secretary.

C. H. Brown, Esq., &c., &c., Christchurch.