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A Compendium of Official Documents Relative to Native Affairs in the South Island. Volume Two.

VI.—The Allotment

VI.—The Allotment.

As I have already furnished the Government with a description of each of the parcels, prepared expressly for the Crown Grant, I shall confine myself here to an abstract of them with the names of the respective [unclear: allottes]:—


1. Fourteen acres. Manahi Iri, of the Ngaitahu tribe
2. Fourteen acres. Horomona Tahunu (half-caste), of Ngaitahu
3. Fourteen acres. Rihari Paienui, of Ngatirarua
4. Fourteen acres. Pita Mutu, of Ngaitahu
5. Fourteen acres. Teoti Pita Hape, of Ngaitahu
6. Fourteen acres. Te Wakena Kokorau, of Ngaitahu
7. Fifteen acres. Te Wirihana Kirikau, of Ngaitahu
8. Fourteen acres. Rewiti Te Akau, of Ngaitahu
9. Fourteen acres. Arama Tahuna, of Ngaitahu
10. Fourteen acres. Henare Ta Whakaawhi, of Ngatiapa
11. Fourteen acres. Ruera Irikapua, of Ngaitahu
12. Fourteen acres. Herewini Ira, of Ngaitahu
13. Fourteen acres. Teoti Paiapa (half-caste), of Ngaitahu
14. Fourteen acres. Punuitonga, of Ngaitahu
15. Fourteen acres. Tiaka Parete (half-caste), of Ngaitahu
16. Fourteen acres. Haati Toromi, of Ngatiawa
17. Fourteen acres. Maika Poroteke, of Ngaitahu
18. Fourteen acres. Te Koreka, of Ngaitahu
19. Thirteen acres. Teoti Herewini Te Whakatauka, of Ngaitahu
20. Fourteen acres. Te Kahu, of Ngaitahu
21. Fourteen acres. Petera Kahutuanui, of Ngaitahu
22. Fourteen acres. Matenga Te Rapa, of Ngatitoa
23. Fourteen acres. Te Haena Huri, of Ngaitahu
24. Fourteen acres. Hakopa Te Ataotu, of Ngaitahu
25. Fourteen acres. Himiona Pohata, of Ngaitahu
26. Fourteen acres. Ruka Taipo, of Ngaitahu
27. Fourteen acres. Tame Te Io, of Ngaitahu
28. Fourteen acres. Horopapera Momo, of Ngaitahu
29. Fourteen acres. Watene Whakauira, of Ngaitahu
30. Fourteen acres. Hone Paratene Tamainuirangi, of Ngaitahu
31. Fourteen acres. Henare Korako, of Ngaitahu
32. Fourteen acres. Te Teira Turakina, of Ngaitahu
33. Fourteen acres. Hapimana Te Kawe, of Ngaitahu
34. Fourteen acres. Hakuira, of Ngatiawa
35. Fourteen acres. Hemi Pukahu, of Ngaitahu
36. Fourteen acres. Tukaruatoro, of Ngaitahu
37. Fourteen acres. Hone Potoko, of Ngaitahu
38. Fourteen acres. Matiu Hutoi, of Ngaitahu
39. Fourteen acres. Tare Wiremu, Rangitira, of Ngaitahu
40. Fourteen acres. Wiremu Naihira, of Ngaitahu
41. Fourteen acres. Te Koro Maitai, of Ngaitahu
42. Fourteen acres. Hapurona Taupata, of Ngaitahu
43. Fourteen acres. Ihaia Taihewa, of Ngaitahu
44. Ten acres. Kakahi and Heni Hinewahia (widows), jointly (not proposed to issue a Crown grant)
45. Fourteen acres. Hopa Paura, of Ngaitahu
46. Fourteen acres. Reupene Kuri, of Ngaitahu
47. Fourteen acres, Reihana Tuohu, of Ngaitahu
48. Fourteen acres. To Wiremu Te Uki, of Ngaitahu
49. Fourteen acres. Te Meihana Tawha, of Ngaitahu
50. Fourteen acres. Harawira Tarakou, of Ngatikakungunu
51. Fourteen acres. Te Marc, of Ngaitahu
52. Fourteen acres. Matana Piki, of Ngaitahu
53. Two Acres. Ria Paina, wife of Matana Piki, of Ngaitahu
54. Fourteen acres. Riwai Kairakau, of Ngaitahu
55. Fourteen acres. Apera Pukenui, of Ngaitahu
56. Fourteen acres. Tuini Pihawai, of Ngaitahu
57. Five acres and a half. Riua Te Waipunahau, (a widow) of Ngaitahu
58. Fourteen acres. Arapata Koti, of Ngaitahu
59. Fourteen acres. Arapera Te Motukatoa, of Ngatiawa
60. Fourteen acres. Ihaka Pouhawaiki, of Ngatitoa
61. Fourteen acres. Wiremu Poukuku, of Ngaitahupage 99
62. Fourteen acres. Poharama Burn, of Ngaitahu
63. Fourteen acres. Hori Te Maiwhakarea, of Ngaitahu
64. Fourteen acres. Paora Taki, of Ngaitahu
65. Fourteen acres. Hohaia Tautakehina, of Ngaitahu
66. Fourteen acres. Teone Wetere Tahea, of Ngaitahu
67. Fourteen acres. Arapata Poukaka of Ngaitahu
68. Fifteen acres and a half. Horomona Pa of Ngaitahu (made of this size by consent of the runanga, to include Horomona's cultivations)
69. Fifteen acres. Ripene Te Waipapa, of Ngaitahu (this and the five following parcels made of this size in consideration of the land being swampy)
70. Fifteen acres. Ihaia Tainui, of Ngaitahu
71. Fifteen acres. Wiremu Pukupuhia, of Ngaitahu
72. Fifteen acres. Hoani Uru, of Ngaitahu
73. Fifteen acres. Teoti Te Wahia, of Ngaitahu
74. Fifteen acres. Erueti Tihema, of Ngaitahu
75. Fourteen acres. Aperahama Te Aika, of Ngaitahu
76. Fourteen acres. Teone Rehu, of Ngaitahu
77. Fourteen acres. Wiremu Te Pa, of Ngaitahu
78. Fourteen acres. Wiremu Koti, of Ngaitahu
79. Fourteen acres. Matene Ruhu, of Ngaitahu
80. Fourteen acres. Paora Tua, of Ngaitahu
81. Fourteen acres. Irai Tihau, of Ngaitahu
82. Fourteen acres. Tahana Hapaikete, of Ngaitahu
83. Fourteen acres. Hoani Timaru, of Ngaitahu
84. Ten acres. Pohau, of Ngaitahu
85. Fourteen acres. Poihipi Te Orahui, of Ngaitahu
86. Fourteen acres. Te Manihera Te Apehu, of Ngaitahu
87. Fourteen acres. Peneamini Parekuku, of Ngaitahu
88. Fourteen acres. Teoti Wiremu Te Hau, of Ngaitahu
89. Fourteen acres. Moroati Pakapaka, of Ngaitahu
90. Fourteen acres. Wereta Tainui, of Ngaitahu
91. Twenty acres. Endowment to Church of England for Native Industrial School
92. Fourteen acres. Te Wekipiri Korotipa, of Ngaitahu
93. Fourteen acres. Te Weiti Te Wahine, of Ngaitahu
94. Fourteen acres. Te Korihi, of Ngaitahu
95. Fourteen acres. Paora Tau, of Ngaitahu
96. Fourteen acres. Iharaira Tukaha, of Ngaitahu
97 Fourteen acres and a half. Reatara, of Ngaitahu
98. Fourteen acres. Pita Te Hori, of Ngaitahu
99. Fourteen acres. Teone Pere, of Ngaitahu
100. Seven acres. Ihaka Te Apu, of Ngatiraukawa
101. Five acres. Reserved for Native cemetery
102. Fourteen acres. Pitama Karatiti, of Ngaitahu
103. Fifteen acres. Hakopa Tohitama, of Ngaitahu
104. Fourteen acres. Mikaera Turangatahi, of Ngaitahu
105. Fifteen acres. Hapakuku Kairua, of Ngaitahu
106. Fourteen acres. Eruera Hui, of Ngaitahu
107. Fourteen acres. Hoani Maka Pohata, of Ngaitahu
108. Fourteen acres. Horomona Pohio, Ngaitahu
109. Fourteen acres. Hohepa Huria, Ngaitahu
110. Eleven acres. Hohaia Te Kotuku, of Ngaitahu
111. Fourteen acres. Tamati Te Ao, of Ngaitahu
112. Twelve acres and a half. Teoti Tauteori, of Ngaitahu
113. Fourteen acres. Horomona Haukeke, of Ngaitahu
114. Fourteen acres. Teo Mati (half-caste), of Ngaitahu
115. Four acres and a half. Wesleyan Church Endowment.
116. Fourteen acres. Hoani Korako, (half-caste) of Ngaitahu
117. Fourteen acres. Tamati Tikao, of Ngaitahu
118. Fourteen acres. Hamiora Tini, of Ngaitahu
119. Fourteen acres. Taituha Hape, of Ngaitghu
120. Seventeen acres. Henare Tawhiri,* of Ngaitahu
121. Fourteen acres. Te Watarauhi Koeti, of Ngaitahu
122. Three acres. Kotihotiho, (a widow), of Ngaitahu

The Bush Parcels were allotted as follows:—

1. Four acres. Hakuira Tamaranga and Tukaruatoro, jointly
2. Three acres. Turi Te Wera, Henare Korako and Te Teira Turakina, jointly
3. Three acres and a half. Tamati Tikao and Haata Toromi, jointlypage 100
4. Three acres and three-quarters. Teoti Te Wahia and Teone Pere, jointly
5. Five acres and a quarter. Te Koro Maiti, one-half of the bush being reserved for church purposes
6. Three acres and three-quarters. Te Hapimana, Te Kawe and Watarauhi Koeti, jointly
7. One acre. Pohoareare and Patoromu Te Ao, jointly
8. Six acres and three-quarters. Tihema, Paora Tua and Moroati, jointly
9. Four acres and a quarter. Haimona Pita Mutu, Te Watene Kokorau, Hapurona Taupata, jointly
10. Two acres and a half. Te Meihana, Tawha, and Tuini Pihawai, jointly
11. Two acres. Reihaua Tuohu and Rupene Kuri, jointly
12. Seven acres and three-quarters. Hoani Korako, Teoti Te Korihi, and Hoani Hape, jointly
13. Twelve acres and a quarter. Horomona Tiakitahuna (half-caste), Reneti Te Akau, Manahi Iri, Poihipi Te Orahui, Pene Parekuku, Henare Mahuika, Manihera Te Apehu, and Teoti Hape, jointly
14. Five acres and a quarter. Hakopa Te Ataotu, Aperahama Te Aika, and Ruera, jointly
15. Three acres and a quarter. Ihaia Tainui and Te Mutu jointly
16. Four acres and a half. Wiremu Te Pa, Irai Tihau, Koreke, and Horopapara Hape, jointly
17. Eight acres and a half. Wereta Tainui, Matene Rehu, Eruera Hui (half-caste), and Te Ha (a woman), jointly
18. Two acres and a half. Hoani Timaru
19. Ten acres. Ihaia Taihewa, Maika Poroteke, and Hoani Hape, jointly
20. Five acres and a half. Tame Te Ao, Haata Toromi, and Karauria Kapiti, jointly
21. Twelve acres and a quarter. Wiremu Naihira, Tare Rangatira, Matiu Hutoi, Te Wirihana Kirikau, and Tiaki Parete (half-caste), jointly
22. Seven acres and three-quarters. Arapata Koti, "Wiremu Koti, Taitahu Hape and Rupene Waipapa, jointly
23. Five acres and three-quarters. Horomona Pa and Herewina Ira, jointly
24. Nine acres and a half. Tame Te Io, Ruka Taipo, and Himiona Pohata, jointly
25. Thirteen acres. Horomona Haukeke, Teoti Paipa (half-caste), Tamati Wiremu Te Hau, Hamiora Tini, and Teoti Herewini, jointly
26. One acre and a half. Matana Piki
27. Two acres. Hoani Paratene Tamainuiarangi
28. Two acres. Pita Te Hori
29. Three-quarters of an acre. Rina Te "Waipunahau (a widow)
30. Three acres. Te Haeana Huri
31. Two acres. Te Watene Wakauira
32. Two acres and three-quarters. Pitama Karatiti
33. Three acres and a quarter. Ihaka Pouhawaiki
34. Two acres. Hapakuku Kairua
35. Three acres and a quarter. Mikaera Turangatahi
36. Seven acres and a quarter. Hoani Uru, Arapata Poukaka, and Kupere, jointly
37. Twenty-two acres and a quarter. Hoani Mahaka Pohata, Te Kotuku, Horomona Pohio, and Paora Tau, jointly
38. Four acres and a quarter. Hohepa Huria and Eruera Puhiohio, jointly
39. Four acres and a half. Hone Potoko and Teoti Tauteori, jointly
40. Three acres and a quarter. Paora Taki and Te Maiwhakarea, jointly
41. Four acres. Hera Mohura (a woman), Punuiotonga, Te Kahu, Hone Wetere Tahea, and Hohaia Tautakehina, jointly

The detached clumps of bush (chiefly dead trees) were allotted as follows:—

Te Waimango to Hakopa Hutai; Te Parikoau to Hemi Pukahu; Hekanui to Hopa Paura; Te Waituere to Wiremu Te Pukupuhia; Pukuharuru to Herewini Kairakau; Tarekautuku to Mohi Patu; Te Kotuku to Te Wiremu Uki, Te Weiti Wahine; Mohi Puhorakai, Te Harawira Tarakan, and Kingita Tarewa, jointly; Oteaoparaki-iti to Enoka Kaurehe; and Oteaoparaki-nui to Te Wirihana Piro.

The clump of bush on the western side of the Karangat[gap — reason: damage]hi stream, and known as Oruatamatea, was allotted to Hakopa Tohitama and Teone Rehu, jointly; half an acre being reserved for church purposes.

The division of the bush land was regulated very much by the quality of the timber; and the quantity already sold by private individuals was considered in determining their respective shares.

Before leaving Canterbury I prepared and gave to each Native a plan of his allotment with a certificate of ownership.