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The Autobiography of a Maori

The Young Maori Party Started

The Young Maori Party Started

On our way back to college, after Maui Pomare (Sir Maui Pomare), Timutimu Tawhai and I had visited the Maori settlements in Hawke's Bay during a winter vacation, we passed through Napier with swags on our backs, and a little boy, unaccustomed to seeing Maori boys carrying swags along the road, halted and, turning towards us called out, "Eh, where did you scoot from?" Farther on down Shakespeare Road we met Mr. Henry Hill, for many years inspector of schools to the Hawke's Bay Education Board and he greeted us and asked where page 142we had been. I told him that we had been on a tour with the object of telling our people the necessity of altering their mode of living if they wished to survive as a people. Mr. Hill was so interested that he invited us to go with him to his home on Bluff Hill so that we could tell him more about our mission. At dinner, three dust-covered Maori boys sat at Mrs. Hill's table with her family. The next day after being photographed, we continued our walk as far as Hastings where we boarded the train for Pukehou and the college. I wish to express our gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Hill for their hospitality to those three weary and hungry Maori boys. Of this trio, Maui died in California and his ashes were brought home, but Timutimu and I are still living, though we are both well on in years.