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Sir George Grey Pioneer of Empire in Southern Lands

New Zealand, 1861-1868

New Zealand, 1861-1868

Memorandum Book, containing a portion of the correspondence between the Governor and the Prime Ministers of New Zealand during this period.

Correspondence between Sir G. Grey and Sir D. Cameron, published by the authority of Parliament; also the papers explaining the operation before Weraroa Pah and its capture.

Reports furnished by the Local Commissioners at the request of Grey's successor, Sir G. F. Bowen, on the state of the country, and the success or failure of native institutions. (The author has not been fortunate enough to see the originals, but judging by reports based upon them, they should be of great value for a study of Grey's second administration in New Zealand, especially as one of them was written by F. E. Maning.)

The Maori King, by J. E. Gorst, is the most reliable and instructive book on the state of affairs immediately before the war in 1863.

The War in New Zealand, by W. Fox, is very interesting and forceful; page 306but his judgments must be accepted with extreme caution. He was an interested party in the conduct of the war.

The Taranaki Question, by Sir W. Martin, and the reply by the New Zealand Government, entitled "Notes on Sir W. Martin's Pamphlet," should be read together. They give two very different points of view.

Journal of the Polynesian Society: the articles on Maori warfare, by Mr. Best, are of great assistance.