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The Piraki Log (e Pirangi Ahau Koe), or, Diary of Captain Hempleman

List of 'hands' on the Books

page 13

List of 'hands' on the Books

Names 'on the books' at the Piraki Whaling-Station, 1836–8.
Simeon Crawley. Peter Elder. William Bears (drowned, '39).
William Kelly. James Connal. Richard Pugh.
Jacky Walkabout. Thomas Condon. Thomas Rodgers.
Charles Porter. William Park. William Tindale.
William Feilder. John Foster. John Jones.
Isaac Fisher. Denis Kelcher. Robinson Clough.
James Daniels. George Daxwell. Thomas Burk.
William Simpson. Robert Leech. Martin Frederick.
William Siddell. Thomas Chandler. James Bosworth.
Samuel Summers (drowned, May 4, 1837). Thomas Hathaway.
John Bishop.
Fresh Names, mentioned in 'Slop Accounts' for 1839.
John Turner. William Cranston. George Thorns.
Benjamin Bing. William Sullivan. George Dalton.
Angus Daniel. David Williams. Samuel Colby.
John Johnson. Peter Higgins. Henry Ramsday.
J. Miller. George Watson. Charles Bruce.
Philip Relow. Alfred Roberts. Wee Leveck.
John Smith (drowned, July 7, '39). do. La Marb.
Henry Rummidge. do. Manuel.
Thomas Kain.